Mandy Kloppers

Guide For Choosing The Best Dating Sites

Online dating can be said to be the easiest way of finding a partner and one that can lead to a romantic relationship. Interestingly, there are several hundreds of apps and dating sites to choose from. This can be quite overwhelming as you may not know which to go for. You may decide to be on two or more platforms. Even at that, you still have to select the ones that will be suitable enough to meet your needs. You do not want to waste your time and resources on sites that will not work for you.

To start with, whatever site you are interested in, you need to research to check if it is a reputable one. You also can decide to play it safe by sticking with the more popular ones. You can look up the number of genuine subscribers that they have and read reviews about them. Also, visit the website and go through it before signing up with them. Part of this is reading their privacy policy and the “about us” section. You may also check if there is a contact address, email and phone number where you can reach a real person. You can find a list of useful websites here and some other ways you may select a dating site below:

Decide if You Want A Free Service or A Paid Access

There are several types of dating sites. While there are free ones, there are the paid ones too. Also there are those that are in-between that is, you have limited access for a free version but fuller access when you pay.

Whether you want to pay is dependent on whatever you are looking for. Paid sites typically would have serious and committed members who are truly interested in meeting people. This is because it is sort of a financial investment. Oftentimes these sites are not cheap and for people that are paying, they want to get value for their investment.

Although free sites often have more members and this equates to more choices, but there is also a higher possibility of interacting with a scammer. This does not in any way imply that paid sites are much better than free ones. It just means that you have to be more careful when using such sites.

Choose A Site That Meets Your Needs

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Every dating site offers something different and before you decide to choose one, you need to determine what you want from online dating. People look for a variety of things so each site is designed to cater to this. While some people want a serious relationship, some are looking for something casual. Some are just looking to meet with new people.

Some sites are designed to cater to older people, some may be big on same-sex relationships and some can be based on different professions. It does not matter who you are or whatever you are looking for, there is something for you. This makes it imperative that you give thought to what you want and choose a site that offers you this. Knowing what you want makes it easy and quick in making your selection instead of having to spend time searching through every site.

How Do They Use Your Information?

Everywhere you turn these days, everyone wants your information. While this is not necessarily a bad thing as it is needed to process a lot of things, you want to ensure that your data is been handled responsibly. You can know this by taking the time to read up on their privacy policy.

You should check if the website deletes your data when you close your account. While some websites will allow you to delete your data, some will simply disable and hold your data for a while. This is so that if you choose to return sometime in the future you can easily pick up from where you stopped. You can learn about how to protect your personal data here.

Another thing to watch out for is the privacy setting. Will your profile be made private or public? The company must be clear on how they handle your data and who gets to have access to it. If you are uncomfortable in any way, you should opt out and look for another site.

How User Friendly Is the Site

It is important that while you are trying to secure a date, you are not grappling with how to navigate or find your way around a site. Typically most companies design their platforms to be colorful, welcoming and user-friendly. If you come across one that is not user-friendly, it might indicate poor service on their part. Just simply move on and find one that you do not have to stress yourself to get your way around the app or site.

How Safe is the Site and How Do They Handle Cyberbullying?

It is not uncommon to experience cyberbullying on dating websites based on different factors such as race, gender, sexual orientation, age and so on. While the platform cannot stop a person from bullying others, they can take action by removing the person from their platform. In cases of harassment, they should help to ensure that the offender is apprehended and if necessary face the consequences of their actions.

Ensure to enquire about how safe the site is against things such as cyber bullying by asking questions and getting reviews. If they do not take action when these sorts of things are reported, then it is wise not to sign up with them.


Online dating has come a long way and it has become increasingly popular due to its ease of use and access to thousands of potential partners. Because there are so many dating sites, choosing a platform to join can be so overwhelming and confusing.

By following this guide, you would have narrowed down the choices available to you such that it will make it much easier to choose one. What is most important is that the platform you choose must not only meet your needs, it must also be safe and respectable.