Mental Health

Mandy Kloppers

Going insane during the corona virus pandemic?

Well, I don’t know about you but I am finding this time very testing, to put it mildly. I have been indoors for 6 weeks now and it is starting to affect my mental health. Not only do I feel isolated and trapped, but I also have the usual concerns that everyone else does. How long will this last? Will I get ill? How do I keep it together during this time?

Not only do I have to worry about Covid-19, but my care for Cystic Fibrosis is pretty non existant. I am appalled at how every other ailment/illness is being ignored whilst this is going on. Even people with cancer are not getting the treatment they urgently deserve. It’s ridiculous. So, the British Govt is putting all their efforts and resources into fighting the corona virus but in the meantime, there are going is going to be huge collatoral damage regarding other health issues. Very short sighted, in my opinion.

Everyone is feeling anxious. There are financial issues, people are being kept apart and our freedom has been taken away. Our feeling of control has disappeared too. Even though I know SO MANY other people are going through the same as me, I still feel pretty isolated and alone.

I have been watching the series, “Lost” about a bunch of people who end up on an island after a plane crash. That’s keeping me distracted for some of the time. Of course, writing this blog keeps me busy too as well as online work.

Instead of resisting the current situation, it’s a better idea to practise acceptance and just go with the flow for now. I am making the most of the free time that I have. My self care has improved – eating healthier foods and exercising more. I am also adhering to my Cystic Fibrosis treatments such as daily nebulisers. This has been a good time to ptracist mindfulness as well. I have done this by buying bird food and spending time watching the birds come and go, something I would never noramlly have time for.

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash