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Give Your Interior a Love Injection This Valentines Day

  • With the most romantic day of the year approaching, online art marketplace, SINGULART have revealed how to add romance to your home’s interior for  Valentine’s Day, and beyond.

With Valentine’s Day near, lovers around the world will be getting ready to embrace one and other with a day full of romance. But, is one special day of romance a year really enough?

It is true what they say – ‘home is where the heart is’ – and so, to help keep the fire burning throughout the year, the online marketplace, SINGULART have revealed five ways you can give your home that romantic feel.

So, Whether you’re looking for the feeling of love to be around all year, or you’re simply looking to make your home more romantic for Valentine’s Day, below are five interior tips perfect for adding romance to your home’s décor.

Bring Spring Inside

With spring just around the corner and romance on the cards, florals can add a delicate romantic vibe. This could either be through flowers, or, for something that has lasting value, consider floral artwork, or prints in your soft furnishings.

Set the Mood with Sensual Colours

Certain colours are used to be enticing, others are used to be calming. Be sure to play around with colour, boldness, and vibrancy to truly set the mood in your home. Reds and pinks are perfect for bringing passion to a room. Darker tones, like midnight blues and deep purples offer mystery and allure.

Go for ‘I heart you’ artwork

We love a good cliché, and what is more cliché than love hearts on Valentine’s day? If your romance can be described as bold, fruity, and playful, then so should your choice of décor. What’s more, opting for a less formal, more extroverted design can help new lovers feel at ease.

Get Cosy

As previously mentioned, romance is not just for Valentine’s Day. Set the cosy tones with your partner for the long haul with top-notch love nest essentials. Think bold and curvy designed sofas, fluffy pillows, throws and warm lighting.

Further tips on building a romantic interior can be found here:


About SINGULARTFounded in 2017 in Paris, SINGULART is the largest online contemporary art gallery in the world. The company led by Véra Kempf and Brice Lecompte, accompanied by investor Denis Fayolle since its inception, has significantly contributed to the growth of the online contemporary art market. SINGULART’s mission is to successfully promote artists and inspire art lovers.

Since its launch, the scale-up has discovered many emerging artists and today accompanies established artists in their international careers. In November 2021, the company announced the most successful fundraising of an art company to date with €60 million for their series B.

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Photo by Dallas Reedy on Unsplash