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Mandy Kloppers

Give up these 5 things to reach your financial goals

We’re all looking for ways to save a little more money each month. Sadly, it’s not always an easy task. Saving money each month will not only give you a little more financial breathing room, but it also means you’ll be a step closer to your long term goals, such as your first home, a new car, or your rainy day fund.

It’s easy to think that those big expenses such as your rent, bills and car payments are the biggest drain on your monthly salary. However, in many cases, it’s the little things that are really stopping you from achieving those financial goals.

Here we’ll explore 5 things you should consider giving up, so you can reach your financial goal.


Smoking is not only hazardous for your health, but also for your wallet. Smoking is incredibly expensive and the simplest way to save money on this habit is by quitting altogether. Of course, if quitting cigarettes were that simple, everyone would have done it. Thankfully, there is another way you can save money on your nicotine habit and save money. Make the switch to vaping and e-cigs instead, and you’ll start saving money, instantly. You’ll find a range of low priced nic salt vape juice here, as well as other vaping products. You’ll also get to enjoy nicotine in a safer format and enjoy pleasant vaping flavours rather than stale cigarette smoke.

Little impulse purchases

All those candies, little accessories and items crowded around the cashier desk and in the queue area are there for a reason. To pressure you into an impulse purchase. It’s an incredibly effective sales tactic that has been used for decades to get shoppers like you to part with your cash. It might not seem as though you’re spending much, but if you’re picking up extra (unnecessary) items every time you head to the store, you’re effectively wasting money that could be better placed in your savings.


We’ve all done it. Signed up to a new subscription service with the intention of cancelling before the free period ends. Of course, most of us forget all about it and end up paying out huge amounts on an unused and completely forgotten service. If you’re someone who has numerous subscriptions (whether you know about them or not) now is the time to go through your accounts and cancel as many as you can. You’ll save a bundle!


We all enjoy a takeaway from time to time, especially after a long day at the office when we can’t be bothered to cook from scratch. However, if you’re serious about saving then giving up your takeaway habit could save you hundreds a year. Simply cutting back on the number of takeaways you enjoy each week will see a certain improvement in your bank balance – and your waistline!

And finally, dining out

Most of our favourite restaurants and cafes are probably closed at the moment, however, when they open again, consider exercising restraint. Giving up your dining out habits will save you plenty of money over a short period of time. Even those little coffee and cake runs can keep you away from your long-term financial goals. Eat at home and plan your meals in advance!


Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash