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Getting back to happy




Getting back to happy

Getting back to happy can be tough when life has dealt you a tough blow. At times it can seem as if the world is against you and nothing is going right. Just remember though, that one good thing about change is that it brings about fresh, new responses and attitudes. You can’t stay down in the dumps forever.

What to do:

Accept that you are in a horrible place at the moment but remind yourself that it will get better.

Keep focused on what you can and can’t control. If a decision has been taken out of your hands (for example you have been fired from your job or someone has ended a relationship with you), focus on what you can control – what you can do about the situation – your reactions, rather than changing what has happened. Look forwards not backwards.

Keep repeating positive affirmations to yourself – how amazing, funny, intelligent, good company etc you are. Keep reminding yourself of your strengths.

When we are down in the dumps, we tend to think more negatively and some of our thinking can be very negative and self limiting. Don’t take your thoughts too seriously right now. Don’t be self critical – it serves no good purpose.

Keep busy. Try to stay ‘out of your head’. Don’t overthink! Go out for a walk, find a hobby or go see a friend…don’t sit around and mope. It will make you feel worse.

Don’t catastrophise – this is when you imagine all the possible worst case scenarios – this is your emotional state that is influencing your thoughts and there aren’t realistic. Refer back to the previous point – keep busy and get out of your head.

Spend time looking after yourself. Personal development is always a good way forward – take care of yourself and treat yourself with compassion. This time will pass and you will feel happy again…be patient. You will get there,

Mandy X