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Mandy Kloppers

Get Yourself a "F*$! Off" Account


Yes, I know – it’s not very romantic but everyone should own one. A bank account with spare money in case you ever need to get out of your current relationship and need financial back up to do it. Many of us see our relationships through rose tinted glasses and don’t foresee any trouble until it’s too late. Hopefully everything works out but if it doesn’t…what then?
That’s why I advocate the “F*$! Off” account. It gives you security and choices. It is especially necessary if you earn a lot less than your partner and are mainly dependent on them for your finances. Your partner doesn’t even need to know about your bank account, just keep it ticking over nicely and make sure you put money in each money, no matter how small – just put in something.
It will give you a sense of independence and free will. All too often I come across people who feel completely trapped in their situations as they do not have the money to move out or go it alone.
Don’t fall into this predicament…look out for yourself and be realistic.
It may seem a negative stance to take but I look at it more as a safeguard. A necessity in these uncertain times when so little is guaranteed…give yourself some security and take my advice.

Mandy X

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