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Mandy Kloppers

Get the Help You Need: 7 Treatments For PTSD

Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is no laughing matter. The effects of this disorder can be brought on by any number of circumstances. The stress of combat is one of the chief causes. There are a number of treatments that have been proposed to deal with it. Here are the 7 most common of them.

1. Exposure Therapy Gets Right to the Source

Another very interesting type of PTSD treatment is known as exposure therapy. True to its name, this is one source of therapy that gets the sufferer up close and personal with their triggers. This type of therapy has long been a source of controversy among both patients and experts, yet remains a viable option.


There are two main types of exposure therapy. These include imaginal exposure and in vivo exposure. The imaginal type involves repeatedly reliving a traumatic memory. By contrast, in vivo consists of having the patient view fearful situations that are actually very safe. The contrast can be a source of healing.

2. Cognitive Theory Can Uncover the Root Cause

One of the biggest appeals of cognitive therapy for PTSD is its ability to identify, then successfully alter, certain emotions and behavior patterns that threaten to become pathological. The goal of this type of therapy is to identify the trigger that is causing the issue. Once this ID has been made, the therapist can work to change the patient’s reaction.

3. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy

In this type of therapy, the patient will view a rather disturbing image. This will entail some kind of physical sensation. The therapist will pinpoint a negative belief associated with the image. They will then attempt to change the resulting belief to a positive one. The procedure is repeated until this occurs.

4. Alternative Herbal Remedies

There is a new kind of treatment for PTSD that involves the use of all-natural ingredients. Certain types of hemp products, particularly those that include Delta-10, have been shown to produce beneficial effects. These products help to reduce feelings of nausea and stress. If you have trouble eating, they can restore your appetite.


Even though this is a hemp product, it is fully legal. It can produce a feeling very much like euphoria in some users. If you have been suffering from the long-term effects of PTSD, this is a feeling you are bound to welcome. It comes with no negative side effects and has been prescribed with very good results.

5. Imagery Rehearsal Therapy Helps to Combat Nightmares

One of the most common and feared triggers of PTSD and its various symptoms is the recurrence of nightmares. Imagery rehearsal therapy is designed to target and neutralize the effects of these nightmares. It can do so in a number of ways. One of the most common is to change the meaning associated with them.

6. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Can Reverse Toxic Thought Patterns

One of the chief uses of this type of therapy will be to solve the purely mental issues that result from an experience that causes PTSD. Some of the most common treatments involve hypnotherapy, trauma desensitization therapy, and the use of a specially designated WL control group. This therapy is for extreme cases.

7. Hypnosis Can Identify Issues and Implant Solutions

Perhaps the most famous, although also misunderstood, type of PTSD is hypnosis. This is a type of therapy that involves getting the patient to enter a deeply relaxed state in which their mind can be guided by a psychiatrist.


The treatment will usually entail getting the patient to experience positive changes. These can come in the form of bodily sensations, mental perceptions, and resultant behaviors. It has also been known to improve sleep quality and concentration.

The Time to Treat Your PTSD is Now

PTSD can come about in people for many reasons. The key to treating it is to recognize its symptoms as well as its causes. This is an ongoing project of research that will require many more years to fully solve. In the meantime, these 7 courses of treatment are the best line of defense to treat this issue.