Mandy Kloppers

Fun Truth or Dare Questions for Your Boyfriend

Ah, date night – it’s something that sparks joy between most of us and our partners each week.  Often, folks will set Friday nights aside for just the two of them, although admittedly, sometimes it’s hard to come up with a fun plan for what to do with our time!  As we brainstorm, though, it leaves room for a perfect idea.

Sometimes it’s fun to take it old school and play some rounds of truth or dare.  While you can incorporate some fruity, fizzy beverages (you know the type), that’s certainly not required for this sort of thing.  So long as the two of you are having fun, play how you want!  That’s the important thing, at the end of the day, as you can read about in this blog.

Maybe you’re wondering what sorts of questions to ask each other – if you’ve been dating for years, you might think that there is nothing new to learn about each other.  Thankfully, though, that probably won’t be the case.  More than likely, you’ll each be able to discover plenty of new things.  So, here are some “truth” questions that you can ask each other to keep things exciting!


One: What’s Your Favorite Comfort Food?

Whether or not your boyfriend is a cook, this is always a fun question to ask.  After all, it’s some information that you can tuck away for later, right?  Make a mental note of what his favorite comfort food is and see if you can make it someday if you know he’s having a tough week or something like that.  And hey, if you can’t make it, you can always order some takeout or make reservations at a restaurant instead!


Two: What do You Consider to be Our Most Embarrassing Moment?


The game is called truth or dare, right?  So – you can use it as a space to ask some tougher questions that are sure to get both of you giggling as you recollect silly moments.  While out in public, a lot of couples act as a sort of unit.  It’s cute, and comforting most of the time, but there are moments that we probably wish we could take back.

See what your boyfriend has to say about this one!  Maybe it’ll stump him at first, and that’s…well, that’s probably a good thing.  Inevitably, though, I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with something together.  Have a laugh at the memory but use it to think about how you can both improve in the future as well.


Three: Who’s Your Celebrity Crush?

Speaking of laying all cards on the table, this is always a fun question to ask.  Now, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t let the answer impact your self-esteem.  I think pretty much everyone has a celeb crush, so there’s no harm in having one, right?

Just remember that it doesn’t mean your boyfriend isn’t into you anymore.  This question is more about having fun while playing truth or dare with your boyfriend than to find reasons to put yourself down or to doubt in your relationship.  Have some fun with it, and you can share who yours is too!


Four: What Was Your First Impression of Me?


This one is definitely a personal favorite of many couples, but maybe it’s because we are so curious about what people’s first impression of us is in general.  Also, though, it’s always kind of funny to hear from our loved ones about how they thought we were annoying or stuck-up at first only to realize later on that this isn’t the case at all!  Stories like that are fun to swap, so long as it’s all for that purpose of course.


Five: What’s Your Favorite Phone App?

Watch your partner squirm as they try to figure out which one it is – honestly, it’s a pretty funny experience.  Now, if they’re struggling too much, or if you’d like to be generous, you can let them pick two.  Finding out a favorite phone app can tell you a lot about a person, really.

Your boyfriend might say a game, or a social media app – really, no matter what he picks, it’s just cool to know.  You could even try to remember this sort of stuff when his birthday rolls around – a gift card might go a long way, depending on his answer!

Honestly, as silly as it may sound, showing curiosity in their hobbies can go a long way.

Six: What Would You do With a Million Dollars?

Fantasizing about winning the lottery is nothing new for most of us.  Wouldn’t you like to know what your boyfriend is thinking about during those daydreams?  This is your chance to ask, so long as he goes for the “truth” option.

If you’d like to add a bit more nuance to it, you could check out some of the suggestions here:  However, most of the time, partners are more than happy to divulge their fantasies here.  You might even end up doing so together, imagining a world where you’ve struck gold and can buy whatever you want!


Seven: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Me?

For the final question today, let’s all agree that it’s okay to be a little selfish, here.  Maybe you’re just curious, or maybe you’re feeling a little insecure in your relationship – asking for some positive affirmations never hurt anybody.  And hey, if you can incorporate it into your date night plans, why not?

Once he tells you, feel free to share your favorite thing about him in return.  A lot of these work better if they’re reciprocated in terms of answering them, so even if that’s not really in the “rules” for a traditional game of truth or dare, it’s fine to mix things up.  With this as your finale, you can close out your night with a question that opens the door for some sweet, tender lovin’ between the two of you!  Tell your sweetheart how much they mean to you.