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Fun things to do at home

Being at home can be a load of fun if you know what to do in your free time. We have all been forced to spend more time at home and it’s very monotonous at times. I get a lot of clients asking me what they can do to liven things up as they feel they are going insane with boredom.Here are some fun things to do at home to keep you busy and occupied at home:

Play a game

Games are a great way to distract yourself and time flies when your brain is engaged and occupied. Of course, it goes without saying that too much time gaming is never a good idea and gaming should never be at the expense of other healthy pursuits such as spending time with others and self-care. I play a game on my phone called Mindpal. I find it useful as it exercises my brain as well as being fun. It’s a great form of mindfulness. if that isn’t your thing there are many other fun things to do at home. If there are four of you, you might want to try a hilarious (and rather naughty and “non-pc) card game called cards Against Humanity. If you have a good sense of humour and aren’t easily offended, this is the game for you! There are also board games that you could play. Boardgames are great because you are having fun socially rather than being alone – two birds with one dice!

Exercise at home

Exercise – there are many videos on YouTube for all levels of fitness. You can easily follow various exercise routines at home and there are different areas to work on avialable on YouTube. There’s no excuse not to exercise at home (I’ll admit I have many excuses). Go for a walk if active exercise as you would do in the gym isn’t your thing. Or get a Wii Fit, the options are endless!


Watch a movie or box series

Watch movies on Amazon Prime or Netflix – all types of movies are available from comedies to psychological thrillers. A great way to pass the time and keep your mind occupied. I especially enjoy forensic documentaries. call me morbid but I have always been fascinated by why people do the things they do and I have learned a lot about people and their behavioural patterns from watching these documentaries. A comedy is usually in order after a few too many crime documentaries to restore the balance!


Try a new hobby

Hobbies – painting, knitting, colouring in – there are many ways to be creative at home and you can order materials online. It feels good to be creative and feel you are being productive at home. I have been thoroughly enjoying paint by numbers at home. Passes the time and the satisfaction of a completed painting gives me a lovely mood boost.


Declutter your home/wardrobe/shed

Have a clear out – I love the feeling of having less clutter at home. It feels good to work through a room and take things to charity shops – leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment. Perhaps this isn’t quite as much fun as the other ideas but you will feel great once everything is in its place and order has been restored (and hopefully more space).

Catch up with friends online


Who says you can’t socialise with a bottle of wine from home? Get on Zoom, Skype or Face Time and catch up with friends whilst you each enjoy a glass of wine (or tea/coffee/beer etc) together. You can fall into your bed close by afterward as well – result! Drink and Slink (back to your bedroom) after your night of socialising…what a brilliant idea. No police will stop you en route either.

Read a book

I always have a few books open at any one time. Currently, I am reading three books and pick up one depending on my mood. One is “Man’s search for meaning” by Viktor Frankl. It helps me gain perspective when I feel sorry for myself. The second book is “Stop thinking, start living” by Rochard Carlson – a no-nonsense read about being in the moment more and getting out of your busy mind that feeds you a lot of crazy useless thoughts most of the time and lastly, “Untamed” by Glennon Doyle on how to stop people-pleasing. All excellent books – I highly recommend them.



Get that tan up-to-date, sort your nails and hair out, plaster squashed avocado on your face – do whatever it is that gives you a feel-good boost and improves how you feel about yourself. This is NEVER wasted time. Have a nap, watch a Ted-Talk on how to love yourself or just write out a few things that you like about yourself each day. it’s not arrogance it’s health self-acceptance. Yay.



Use this time at home to figure out your next moves. Do you want to save for an amazing holiday? Do you want to retrain and start a new career?

Websites where you can learn for free:  free online courses

There are many online courses for you to investigate that you could start at home. Use this time to prepare and work towards your future. Create a vision board to help you stay focused on your future goals.

Ensure that your goals are SMART – see this post for more info:   SMART goals.

Having a sense of purpose and direction is vital for mental resilience…


So, you can see there is a lot you can do if you want to. Have fun, focus on things you can do rather than the things you have no coontrol over right now – like this crazy Covid pandemic. It is a stressful time so try to make your time at home as fun and productive as you like. Doing nothing has its virtues too though so don’t feel guilty if you have days where you just chill out – see it as productive rest!

Mandy X

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash