Mental Health

Mandy Kloppers

Fun things for couples to do to reconnect



sky diving

ice skating

watch porn together

watch a movie together

play a board game

star gaze

visit an escape room

bungi jumping

play charades

strip poker

complete a puzzle

cook together – bake cookies

tattoos – permanent or henna

go for a walk

pillow fight

bubble bath together

join quiz night at the pub

holiday if you can afford it or go camping

take a drive to nowhere

try a new restaurant (date night)

art gallery/nuseum



start a hobby together – learn how to fly a drone/pottery/painting etc


put on a happy playlist – guess the singer/band – create playlists for each other

do a workout together

dance classes

go to the ballet/opera

volunteer together


couples massage

relaxing retreat

learn a new skill – eg cocktail making


tickets to a sports game

rent a boat for the day

mini golf

start a new tradition together

create mini goodwill tasks for each other

learn each other’s love language


hot air ballooning

play chess/card game

go to a meetup together