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Fun and Exciting Things to Explore While in Your 20’s

Are you in your twenties and seeking to enjoy life to the fullest? Well, this is the right decision as this age is the prime time of your life. According to Forbes, most people make most mistakes in their twenties. Rather than transferring these mistakes to your thirties, you should embrace life adventures in your twenties. You can only do some things in this age bracket, failure to which you may regret. Once you turn thirty, you will have limited options to adventure. At thirty, you will take life seriously due to the many responsibilities and changes in life priorities that come with age.

Here are some exciting things to explore at this age.

1. Explore the World Alone

Visiting new places alone can teach you much about yourself. These moments help you to rediscover yourself from different points of view. Furthermore, such instances enable you to engage in different activities any time you feel without feeling obligated to please anybody.

Besides, you get to plan your time and your priorities. In the end, you will get the opportunity to visit the wonders of the world before embarking on tight schedules at thirty.

2. Bond with Your Family

In your twenties, you are past the adolescent stage. You may have fallen out with your family during your teenage years due to various reasons. Given your maturity at this point, it is the right period to bond with them and straightens your relationships. Ultimately, this will act as a strong foundation for your adulthood.

3. Do Something Wild

You don’t want to live the rest of your life thinking “shoulda coulda woulda”. Have you ever dreamed of jumping off a plane thousands of feet in the air? Perhaps you thought of going on a solo trip or going to a concert or festival. You may have even thought of trying out a dab kit as well. Well, your twenties are the right moments to get out of your comfort zone and embrace these adventures.

4. Be Offline for a Week

It is not easy to operate without a phone or laptop in this technology era. It can be fun to leave your phone and laptop at home. The feeling associated with this experience can be thrilling. You can enhance your creativity without disruptions from technology.

Beyond your twenties, many commitments will not allow you to enjoy this fun activity. Why not try it now?

5. Set Aside a Day to be Nice to Random People

The world is uncertain. People no longer believe in humanity. However, you can change this narrative by being nice to strangers.

For instance, you can buy coffee for a random person, engage in some charity or even help some strangers in their tasks. Undoubtedly, this will put smiles on people’s faces and restore their hope for humanity. In the end, you will contribute to making the world a better place.

6. Learn and Practice Playing Golf

Golf is a great pastime activity. In your twenties, you have plenty of free time. You can utilize this time in learning new hobbies like playing golf.

Apart from enjoying the game, this hobby is a great tool for networking. Such a hobby is useful in your late adulthood, enhancing your socialization in the long run.

7. Go Scuba Diving

Scuba diving can be a scary experience. You may be worried about what lies in the water. However, it is prudent to let go of your fears and try them out at this age.

8. Address Yourself in a Letter

Jotting down a long letter can be fun. Since it is directed to you, it is free from bias and judgment. Indeed this can be a great way to address your current issues.

Besides, this can act as a great memoir to look back to in your older ages. The experience will remind you of the younger you and your thoughts. You will like the nostalgic feelings that come with these memories.


Your twenties can be a period of self-exploration and realization. You do not have to be so serious by cutting out fun activities. These activities play a major role in redefining yourself, and they are worth engaging in. Some of the activities you should embrace in your twenties include exploring the world alone, bonding with family, scuba diving, and doing something wild.

Also, you can set aside a day to be nice to random people, learn and practice playing golf, go offline for a week, and write a letter addressing yourself. Ultimately, you will enjoy your twenties and create unforgettable memories.


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