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Fun Activity Rating – Swimming with dolphins

 swimming with dolphins

(1) Fun Activity Rating – Swimming with dolphins


This is the first post about fun activities to boost mood and life experiences. This post covers my experience with dolphins in Jamaica.We all need ways to escape the dullness of life at times, especially if we work in a job that doesn’t fulfil us as much as we’d like. Looking back on our lives, the more fun and adventure we’ve had, the more fun memories we will have…

Swimming with dolphins was a highlight in my life. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to swim with dolphins in Ocho Rios, Jamaica a few years ago.

There is something exhilarating about connecting with an animal in it’s natural environment –  a huge privilege. I only wish it had been for longer. I got to swim with a dolphin in a pool with about 5 or 6 other tourists. Swimming with dolphins in the wild would have definitely been a 10/10!

FAR score: 9/10

I would love to do it again and I recommend it to anyone who wants to try something new and feel alive again.

Wonderful beyond words.

Mandy X


PS. Excuse the faded quality of the photos. I had them in my conservatory and the sun/heat has taken all the colour out  🙁

swimming with dolphins in JamaicaMe and an amazing dolphin sharing a kiss in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. 2005