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Free access to wellness app – Simple Habit

blink, a young forward-thinking mental health organisation has partnered with a leading meditation and wellness app called Simple Habit. Through this collaboration, they are offering individuals free access to the whole app for 45 days: this includes unlimited guided meditations, sleep aids, therapy, coaching and motivational talks from top wellness professionals.

blink’s mission:

Our mission is simple – to provide rapid peer and professional support when people need it most.

We have the ultimate aim to open the blink bank. A bank of both money from our supporters and time donated by mental health professionals. This will mean we can provide free or heavily reduced-cost therapy to people who wouldn’t be able to access it otherwise.

Our peer support initiatives include wellbeing tents at festivals; community-lead wellbeing workshops; and partnerships with other health based organisations to ensure we can provide the very best mental health support, when people need it most.

The link to the app: https://bit.ly/3eimYO6

More information on blink can be found here: blink mental health organisation.



Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

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