Mandy Kloppers

Five Tips to Make You More Successful


Failure (Photo credit: venspired)

Five Tips for Success

1)Redefine success

Do you feel successful in life? If not, why not? See yourself as successful right now. Remind yourself that you’re worthless person does not increase as you accumulate wealth, power or fame. You are important, lovable and good enough right now. There is nobody else quite like you in this world. Celebrate this and acknowledge that no success or failure can alter that fact. Value yourself now-you’d be crazy not to.

2) Try something new

It is important to know the difference between failing at something and seeing yourself as a failure. Separate yourself from your mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes but this does not mean that they are failures just that what they tried did not work. Allow failure to teach you. Every success has failure behind it. See yourself in a different way and ensure that your thoughts about you work for you and not against you.

3) Failure is your friend

Confront your fear of failure. Ask yourself why the fear of failure has power over you? Make a list: “what I fear most of all about failure is…”. When you push through that fear barrier and take action you will see that thoughts of failure and the reality of very different. The anticipation is often worse than the event. See yourself as bigger than the concept of failure. Do what you fear and you demolish the fear instantly.

4) Success breeds success

Take a good look at yourself and make a list of some of your finest achievements as well as your strengths. Look at your life, not just the money and career but how you have grown as a person. You kind, are you a great friend, partner, parent? Have you ever made a difference to someone else’s life? We can all find successes in life if we focus on them.

5) Take more risks

Stop being a perfectionist. If things don’t turn out as you expected, at least you will have had fun trying. Don’t worry about what other people think, rather do what feels right for you. Can you look at the risk of doing nothing and risk nothing changing? Take controlled risks. Identify the potential benefits and disadvantages of taking action and weigh them against the potential consequences of not doing anything and feeling powerless about your life.

The difference between ultimately successful people and everyone else is not that they have never experienced failure. The difference is in their response to failure. Ultimately, remind yourself that there is no such thing as failure-only actions and consequences.

Mandy X