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Five Tips for a Healthy and Successful Relationship

Everybody knows that relationships take work. But what does that mean? Anyone can be in a toxic and unhealthy relationship. However, it takes real effort to maintain a sincere and genuine connection. Although there is no single tested and accepted recipe for a successful relationship, the causes of deterioration of a relationship tend to be similar. Thus, it is possible to have a list of tips that will assist you in having a healthy relationship. Below are crucial guidelines that you can apply to any relationship to make it long lasting. 

1. Communication 

Conversing is the only way to getting to know your partner’s needs and expectations. Ensure that you can speak to each other about your feelings or the things that are bothering you without having a fear of being judged. Disagreements may spark, but with proper communication, you will be able to reach a compromise without conflicts or arguments. You should also say a word of encouragement to your partner regularly. Motivating words will give them hope. It will also keep your relationship healthy even during tough times. If you are in a long-term relationship, you should boost your communication with some sexting here and there or send nudes.   

2. Compromise 

Today, the society emphasizes individuality. However, for any relationship to succeed, one needs to come out of such a self-centered shell. It empathizes with the other person’s feelings and ideas. Try to balances your needs and your partner’s needs. Try and establish a mutually beneficial ground in times of disagreement. 

3. Embrace Changes 

People change every time. However, this isn’t something to make you sad. It is a fact which you should acknowledge and celebrate. As you grow old together with your partner, you are bound to mature and go through a lot of changes. Since you are now comfortable with your partner, you may be quick to mention the flaws in your partner. However, if you desire your happy marriage to last, then avoid mentioning stretch marks, or the baldness. 

4. Play together 

Take turns to plan for weekend activities or dates. You could go for a hike, bike, skate or take a long walk. You can also devote your time to learning a new skill together, such as cooking, dancing, or making wine. You should also take a weekend off and get away from everything and the distractions at home. It will serve as a time to get close to each other while discovering the new environment. Besides, it is an excellent way of ensuring the relationship never goes stale. 

5. Focus on the Positive 

It is quite easy to concentrate on your partner’s flaws. In turn, this perpetuates negative feelings in your relationship. Thus, instead, focus on the positive traits that you admire in your partner. Even when the relationship seems to be going down with conflict, concentrate on small things that you can appreciate in your partner will propel the union in the right direction. 


Against the common belief, relationships aren’t that difficult to maintain. Instead, they become what you make them to be. Adopting the above habits and behaviors should get you closer to your spouse and improve the quality of your relationship. 

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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