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FitMind meditation training app

“A wandering mind is an unhappy mind”

I came across this app in my quest to find better ways to be mindful and slow my busy mind down. This app created by Liam McClintock is excellent. He talks about how the mind is entirely responsible for everything that we experience on a moment by moment basis.

“Two people might have a completely different reaction to the same set of circumstances. For example, while being stuck at a red traffic light might be the cause of acute suffering for one person, it might provide the opportunity for another to enjoy their favourite song on the radio just a little bit longer.

Perhaps the first person has an unfit mind or maybe they are just really late for work, regardless, the difference is entirly in their minds.

Research into happiness in the last decade has shown that your external circumstances only account for about 10% of your happiness, while the rest is a result of genetics and conditioned attitudes. Yet most people spend their entire lives working on improving that external 10% like a job promotion or finding the perfect partner.”

It’s all about focusing on where you true power lies – that’s within you. All you really have control over is the way you think about the world and your reactions to the world. So it pays to get your internal world in order first. Focusing on your attitudes and reactions will be far more beneficial (living “inside-out” as opposed to “outside-in”) than trying exclusively to change the external world.

Meditation helps to calm your mind and be more aware of your focus. In my mind, focus awareness training is one of the most important and beneficial skills you can learn in the pursuit of contentment and reduced anxiety.

Fitmind shows you how to use meditation in today’s modern world.



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Photo by Mitchell Griest on Unsplash