Mandy Kloppers

Fighting Addiction: What is the Holistic Treatment Model?

When you are battling addiction it can often feel like there is no way to break the cycle and free yourself from the feeling of helplessness that can often be so overwhelming.


It is important to remember that there is always good help available and a way forward that helps break the grip of addiction. If you search for the best drug rehab in Oklahoma, for instance, you will get a good example of how a solution can be found to help fight addiction.


A very popular approach these days is to adopt a holistic treatment model. It is an approach that is more about focusing on treating the whole person rather than just any physical ailments.


Let’s take a closer look at what the holistic treatment model is all about.


A holistic approach is all about the bigger picture


In basic terms, a holistic approach can be best described as a treatment method that also looks at mental and social factors related to an addiction problem as well as the actual symptoms of a person’s current physical condition.


Holistic treatment techniques are centered around finding a way to treat the whole person. That means addressing all of the physical, mental, social, and spiritual characteristics and ailments that make us human.


Fixing the whole person with a holistic approach is now widely accepted as a treatment method for addiction that helps end the cycle of addiction.


Examples of holistic treatment techniques


As you might expect, holistic treatment techniques can be quite varied. Each technique is designed to help overcome addiction by combining various approaches at the same time.


A typical holistic treatment program might include regular sessions of yoga and meditation together with the use of Reiki and other forms of energy work. In addition, nutritional therapy and the use of herbal medicines might also be prescribed when taking a holistic approach.


You will probably notice that the suggested techniques are not exactly new or groundbreaking treatment methods. These are proven ways to improve the physical and mental well-being of a person. What is different is that it is now widely accepted that combining these holistic aspects can help overcome substance dependence.


Addressing the imbalance


When someone is suffering from an addiction problem it is fair to say that the person is not healthy because they are experiencing a serious imbalance in their lives.


A holistic treatment model involves finding the right methods to treat that imbalance. A classic cause of having an imbalance in your life is to fall into addiction as a coping mechanism. Making someone feel happy and more balanced again is a way of removing the addiction in a holistic way.


Addiction is a physical ailment. However, the social and psychological aspects of that addiction have to be addressed to find a way forward. Using a holistic treatment method as part of a treatment program has produced encouraging and positive results for many addiction sufferers.


Many rehab programs now recognize the benefits of using a holistic treatment approach as part of the solution to beating addiction.