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FFS NYC: Change for Yourself

New York City is the standard. Often referred to as the ‘Big Apple,’ New York City has a reputation for being one the most expensive cities globally. This lively city is known for many things, including its exclusive shops, flashy Broadway performances, and high-flying business tycoons. This city has been a dream for many people all over the world. Aside from these brilliant shining-shimmering-splendid things, New York has a lot to offer. One of those is Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS), famous not only in New York but worldwide. Some popular celebrities have admittedly have done some Facial Feminization Surgery on themselves. It’s a bit expensive, but the results can be beautiful and worth it.


These facial surgeries are pretty popular nowadays all over the world. Some are not making a fuss about this, and some are making it a big deal as they are always claiming to be just content with what we already have. Well, it is dependent on the person. As much as it is a life-changing decision and treatment, people can’t dictate how they should feel about themselves. FFS NYC allows one to be more confident and comfortable in their skin, which is beautiful and okay.


Well, culturally, we have our perspective of how certain sex should look. We recognize what is feminine and masculine through the assigned facial shapes and characteristics. While this is all ongoing, these standards have been challenging for many people. They are put in a box, and they feel insecure because of being different. And so, a lot of people suffer mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and socially. This can take a toll on people with more masculine features but who identify as feminine in the gender spectrum. Now FFS NYC is the essential helping hand that aims to synchronize the patient’s facial appearance with where and how they identify themselves. FFS NYC is a group of procedures that are used to emphasize a feminine appearance.


The processes include and is not limited to:


  • Scalp/Hairline Advancement
  • Brow Contouring/Forehead Feminization
  • Brow Lifting
  • Cheek Implants
  • Feminizing Rhinoplasty
  • Jaw Reduction and Chin Recontouring
  • Adam’s Apple Reduction
  • Lip Lift


The operation would, of course, be according to the patient’s wants, needs, and likes. Along with this is an assessment and consultation to see better and understand what they want and doable. During the consultation, the patient will know and design their individualized treatment plan with their doctor. This way, they are sure and able to explore the possibilities and recommendations. These procedures can be done one at a time. The main goal of implementing these procedures is to make the patient look just the way they want to. A professional plastic surgeon guarantees polished work.



FFS NYC Procedures: How do they work?


Hairline Advancement/Correction


This procedure is done to create a rounded, feminine hairline. The process includes lowering the hairline and removing the frontal-temporal recessions. This, in turn, can create an ‘M’ type appearance. A zig-zag cut is made at the hairline. As it heals, hairs will grow back through the cut line and disguise it. In this process, the frontal-temporal recessions are reduced or removed by advancing the hairline at the sides. FFS NYC is usually accompanied by brow/forehead contouring and brow lifting.



Brow Contouring/Forehead Feminization


This procedure is one of the most important aspects of facial feminization surgery. This is to reduce the prominence of the central brow and bones above the eyes to create a more feminine appearance. This is to be done by shaving and shaping these bones. It also depends on the patient’s facial appearance on how much work should be done. Some patients are just simply shaving the bone is enough. Others need more reduction. The frontal sinus bone is removed, outlined, and put back in a new position for these patients. Professional plastic surgeons use more advanced tools and devices to ensure the best results in the safest possible manner, for this is a risky procedure.



Brow Lifting


Having a perfect arched brow is what many women want to have. In today’s beauty standards, people find the ideal feminine brow should be located above the orbital rim and arches higher as it moves from medial to lateral. It can be done via a pretrichial approach which is also used to advance the hairline and outline the bones of the brow. Some patients do not require the surgeries mentioned above.



Cheek Implants


High cheekbones have been in demand for beauty recognition for thousands of years. Many make-up gurus wanted to achieve one. Cheek implants are inserted through incisions inside the mouth. These implants are made of silastic, which sits on the cheekbones. The implants look flawless, so they look natural. Some patients combined this FFS with “buccal fat pad” removal to reduce some bulk on the lower cheeks.



Feminizing Rhinoplasty


A lot of people know about Rhinoplasty. It is famously known as a “nose job.” Rhinoplasty is a surgery that changes the appearance of a patient’s nose by outlining the nasal bones and cartilage. This procedure is popular in some Asian countries as well. It is performed by reducing the size and width of the nasal bones and the cartilages, which give shape to the tip of the nose. The length of healing time it takes the nose to settle to its final form and the swelling on the outside of the nose to entirely go away can take up to 1 year or more, which is one thing that often surprises the patients. However, the job is well done, so the long wait is worth it.



Jaw Reduction and Chin Contouring


The jaw plays a crucial part in the shape formation and overall appearance of one’s face. The feminine jawline is typically narrow at the sides and rounded at the chin. This process can involve shaving and cutting a small amount of bone to become less wide and produce softer angles. This process can and is usually individualized to fit the patient’s liking or style.



Tracheal shave/Adam’s Apple Reduction


As you may have guessed, this process is the process of reducing the size of the adam’s apple. This part is very noticeable for men, so people who identify as female want to reduce them. The tracheal shave sculpts it to a feminine appearance.



Lip Lift


The mouth is also one of the most defining facial features in terms of gender perceptions. This procedure can decrease distance while adding a feminine upward curl depending on the patient’s wants and the doctor’s opinion. It may be used to create fuller lips, which are associated with female beauty.



FFS can be risky. The possible risks include bleeding, infection, poor healing of incisions, prolonged swelling, and anesthesia risks. Always go to FFS NYC Professionals. Better seek professional workers to avoid possible complications. This surgery commonly ranges from $20,000 and above, depending on the surgeon and the number of component procedures performed. It’s a bit pricey, but it will have a good result. It will boost your confidence to face the world and feel comfortable with it. You will be driven to do more with the passion for what you are deprived of before you get the surgery done. But to top it all, it is okay to be just you. Don’t change yourself for others. Change yourself for yourself because you are born not to be perfect but to be true. Walk around the world confidently and beautifully with a heart.


Photo by Marcelo Matarazzo on Unsplash

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