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Mandy Kloppers

Feelings follow behaviour

Feelings follow behaviour

When we act in a certain way, our bodies send messages to our brains about how we are feeling. Research has shown that putting a pencil between your teeth tricks the brain into thinking you are happier as you are smiling!

If we are feeling lethargic, we tend to adopt a depressed, stooped posture which leads us to feel depressed. When we are light on our feet and moving freely, we will feel free and optimistic.

How are you feeling? If you are content and satisfied, you are probably behaving in a way that is working well for you – stick with it. If you are down about things, remember that you create your own reality (in terms of your perceptions/attitude) and that you do have a choice. If you took a different approach to what you do, you would start to feel different and in turn, this would have a positive knock-on effect on other areas of your behaviour and your life.

Maybe you are doing what you have always done. We are creatures of habit and when things don’t go our way, we often get caught up in doing more of the same thing in an effort to get the result we want. The trouble is that we end up feeling the same, only more so.

What could you do differently right now? How could you ACT differently? As soon as you change your physiology, by moving in a new way, and change your actions and the way you look at things, you will feel different.

If you want to feel happier, act happy. If you want to feel confident, act confident – sometimes we have to “fake it to make it”. If you want to feel motivated, behave in a way that someone who is motivated would behave. We can wait forever to feel in the mood to do something and that mood may never come, but if we just get up and get started the feelings will usually follow the behaviour and the mood for doing what we are doing will come upon us as if by magic.

The fact that feelings follow behaviour is an incredible and useful reality. It means that the power lies in a positive action – no matter how scared or resistant we may feel. Use it to your advantage and you can find a resolution to most issues.

Mandy X