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Mandy Kloppers

Feeling Off Colour, But Don’t Want To Go To The Doctor?

Women and men have enough weird and wonderful things happening to their bodies throughout life. There are all sorts of embarrassing things that our bodies put us through, from not waiting for us to reach the bathroom after some bad food, or a silent gas leakage at the most inappropriate time possible. The body doesn’t care where it is, or what time it is .. it simply reacts to what’s happening inside. 


Our bodily functions drive our actions, with hormones often persuading us that the worst decisions will actually be fun … even if for only one night. Hormone imbalances can also cause us to gain weight or feel exhausted, for no apparent reason. The body needs vitamins and to be taken care of in order for us to feel ‘normal’. 


Then of course there are other issues that we already suspect, such as after visiting a friend that is caught a virus, and you start to feel the same symptoms. Sometimes this can be in your head, and sometimes you’ve just been unlucky and your friend has over shared. 

Why Do People Avoid Visiting Their Doctor? 

There are a lot of reasons people avoid the doctor, some are in the imagination, but some do affect your health, how you feel, and how you are perceived. 


1.Judgement – This can be tricky, but people with issues that are not socially accepted can feel a great anxiety about judgement. Not only from the doctor, but also the pharmacy and anyone that overhears. Issues that cause this the most are often related to image or intimacy, such as being overweight, contracting an STD, or any number of other personal issues. 


2.What Might Change – Many people know when they have a health issue, many even know what the issue is, but avoid the doctor to avoid being told what they need to do to fix it. Issues such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure are common and easy to treat, but also mean lifestyle changes that most find hard to accept, or even unacceptable. 


3.Medicines – Nobody really likes to take medicine, but for some it is a pet peeve, or even a fear. Often the list of ‘possible’ side effects are what cause anxiety, many believing that the side-effects will be worse than staying quiet about the issue. 


4.If it’s not broke, don’t fix it – Mechanics and doctors alike hate this saying, but it is a popular way of living. If you aren’t feeling that bad and nothing is seriously wrong, then maybe you don’t need to get checked. However, just as with cars, if you don’t service them, things will start to breakdown earlier than they needed to have. 


5.Paying for Sins – Many people know that their lives are unhealthy. They drink too much, eat the wrong things, and party too hard. Over time, knowing this and the fact it has been a long time since the last health check can make seeing a doctor become daunting. 

What to do? 

At this point you may just be feeling ashamed to discuss things with someone local, or fearing the consequences of having your gut feelings confirmed. If you suspect that you may have something that’d difficult to discuss, like an STD, you can always rely on an at home STD test kit


Whatever you choose, just remember all of the people this could effect, especially if the results are positive. Many easily treated illnesses can cause a lot of damage if left untreated. If you aren’t sure, even if you hate doctors, go for a checkup and take care of your health. Sometimes it helps to remember that your health affects all the people that care about you.