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Feeling alive


feeling alive

Feeling alive

Make your time on this planet count. We will all end up leaving one day – the end result is the same for all of us. Feeling alive means that you are actively living life. not hiding away fearfully.

Many people seek to be invisible, to cause minimum fuss and fade into the background. Why would anyone want to do that? I am quite spiritual but I have no clear idea of what happens when we die. What I do know is that we can no longer ‘interact’ with others. We have no power to effect change or to influence others. Let your energy flow from you and make yourself be heard. Push the fears and anxieties to the background and do it anyway. Feeling alive can feel joyous and it can also hurt but it is surely better to have lived a life bravely, facing all it has to offer than to spend your life shying away from things.

Even if you humiliate yourself or end up failing/rejected, see it as a learning curve, a vital part of life that proves to you that you are truly living. Who cares what others think – will it still be an issue a few years from now? Other people  are far more self absorbed than we realise and spend most of their mental energy worrying about themselves.

The basic message  in this post is to be brave, ‘plug in’ to life and embrace failure, rejection and change. You have far more power and control over your life than you realise..choose to exercise it.

Mandy X