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Mandy Kloppers Fairy photo

Fantasy Photo Shoot – Fun Activity Rating 8/10

Believe it or not but the above photo is me. I took part on a photography project a few years ago called “The Immortal Project”. Photographer Mol Smith had a great idea to take photos of 100 women of all ages and put these pictures into a time vault to be opened some time in the future. We all had fantasy pictures done. The above photo was taken in Mol’s home sitting in front of his fire place. I was holding the urn and pretending to drink out of it. All the surroundings have been superimposed – the arch I am sitting on, my wings, the steps and the monster/beast below.

I am not sure if Mol ever managed to complete the project but I had a lot of fun doing it and would recommend it to anyone. I only gave it 8/10 because I always feel uncomfortable in front of a camera but it was worth it. Mol also took photos with a nifty 3D camera that allowed us to see images of ourselves in 3D wearing 3D glasses – very different.

If you want to find a way to have fun, putting effort into you and the ability to see yourself in a different light, a fantasy photo shoot is a definite consideration!

Mandy X

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More on the Immortal Projechttps://www.sourcewire.com/news/48235/uk-artist-launches-unique-project-to-immortalize-women-via-a#.VOXZE_msWV0

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