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Family time and TV


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 Family time and TV

I saw a programme on TV recently discussing how psychologists were encouraging families to get their children to watch more television as it increases time together as a family. It also helps to get children off their computers, ipads and mobile phones and out of their bedrooms.

It struck me immediately how things have changed so much. When I was younger, parents were constantly trying to get their children to watch less television but now that technology has progressed, television has become the ‘lesser evil’. When I think about my own situation, I have a 17 year old son who spends a considerable amount of time in his bedroom and one of the few times I see him is when we watch television together. Otherwise, he is in his room playing games online or talking to friends via his computer. There are so ,many more reasons to stay in your bedroom now than there were 20- 30 years ago.

We can either resist these technological advancements and the ensuing altered behaviour and become exhausted or we can learn to work with it and try balance our lives more realistically.

Mandy X


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