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With today’s use of technology, specifically social media, body positivity has become a big topic. With Ashley Graham being one of the most famous plus-size models, and fashion retailer Aerie launching their #AerieReal campaign, being body positive is now more important than ever. It’s a journey to not only become, but to stay positive about your shape. Although it may seem easier to think negative thoughts about yourself, there are numerous ways to stay strong and remain confident.

Finding a complete love for every part of your body, imperfections and all, takes time. I’ve personally always been self-conscious about my midsection and while I’ve grown to be less negative about my flaws, I still have work to do. Luckily, huge strides are being made in the beauty and fashion industry in terms of self-love and body positivity. More and more brands are starting to share their lines in unretouched photos, and personal care brand, Dove, has taken part in the self-love movement with their Real Beauty pledge.

It is becoming much easier to stay positive about your body shape with more retailers making clothes that can accommodate every kind of body type. As someone who has always had a larger bust, it took me a while to find the perfect and supportive bra as many I tried on over the years never exactly fit quite right. Finally, I found a bra that gave me full coverage, made me feel confident and comfortable with absolutely no underwire poking out at me. I always had the same issue with jeans as many often tended to feel too tight or too loose, and in all the wrong areas. Luckily, I found Old Navy jeans that offer styles for every kind of body shape and they are now my favorite go-to!

Aside from finding clothes that make me look and feel good, something that has proven to be really beneficial for me has been self-love affirmations. Multiple studies have shown that repeating positive affirmations to yourself daily can have a huge effect overall towards your self-love. Your affirmations can be as simple as, “I choose myself” or can go deeper and more body positive related like, “I accept my body the way it is.” If you’re in need of some body positive affirmations, Bustle wrote an article with some helpful suggestions.

Lastly, everyone should have a positive role model to look up too, whether it’s a family member or a public figure. Many celebrities and models have spoken up about their own personal journeys to self-love that has led them to be body positive role models. I’ve always been a fan of Jennifer Lawrence as she has been a huge advocate of skipping the diet trends and embracing her shape. Some of the most famous body positive and self-love advocates are singer Demi Lovato who has been very open about her eating disorder and comedian Mindy Kaling, who has never confined to normal body standards.

Who are your role models, and how do you find ways to stay body positive? Share in the comments!

Mandy X

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