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Explore Faith, Hope, and Resilience in the Book ‘Turtle Soup Is Enough’

turtle soup is enough

In the poignant memoir, “Turtle Soup Is Enough,” the author navigates through the most challenging year of their life, a period marked by a devastating family tragedy. The narrative unfolds as a collection of essays, initially penned for a college course, unknowingly becoming a chronicle of the author’s existential struggle. The author’s faith, deeply rooted in familial bonds and the simple joys of life, is brutally tested when their younger brother suffers a life-altering accident. The family’s unconventional faith, found not in church sermons but in the mud-streaked jeans and shared laughter around a campfire, is shaken to its core. The author grapples with the seeming indifference of God as their world crumbles around them. Yet, in the midst of this turmoil, they discover a profound truth. Sometimes, it takes a shattering experience to break free from the lies we unknowingly believe. This memoir is a raw, humor-laced exploration of faith under fire, the triumph of hope, and the invaluable lessons learned along the journey.

As a best-seller in the category of Two-Hour Biography & Memoir Short Reads, you can find more information about the book at the following links:


Margaret O’Connor is an English teacher and published author with a Master’s degree in Creative Nonfiction from the University of Denver. She penned a raw, humorous memoir about faith, family, and resilience amidst life’s most challenging trials.

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