Mandy Kloppers

Everything You Need to Know About Sex and Your Relationship

Sex and relationships come hand in hand, but it’s not always easy. Every individual has different desires, fantasies, and expectations, but in a relationship, you need to be able to compromise and show respect with one another. In this article, we will be talking about everything you need to know about sex in your relationship. Sound interesting? Then keep on reading!


Communication is key:

Communication is one of the most critical things in a relationship, and it’s essential to be open and honest with one another. As mentioned above, sex is different for everyone, and with a partner, you need to be able to communicate what you are comfortable with. Not only that, but from here, you can talk about your desires, and what you are both willing to do.

Open communication ensures that you are both consensual and on the same page. You should also be able to talk about any issues you are experiencing, so you can work together to find a way around them. Mental health and your sex life work hand in hand, so you must discuss this with your partner.


Be open to experimenting:

In every relationship, there has to be some degree of experimenting. If you’re not open to it, then it will be challenging to maintain an active sex life. If you’re both looking at new and exciting ways to improve your sex life, try purchasing some adult toys to spice things up. Now with online shopping, you don’t even have to worry about leaving the house!


It’s not a race:

An active sex life isn’t always a race and is more than just about the act itself. Foreplay is just as important, and allows you to truly connect with your partner on an intimate level. You’ll be able to respond to each other’s cues, find out your dislikes and likes, and what really turns the both of you on. Take time out to set the mood, so that you can really enjoy each other’s company. Whether it be lighting some candles, or putting on some music, it can genuinely make a difference.


Create intimacy:

Intimacy is what allows you and your partner to trust each other. It will enable you to show support, love, and creates a relationship that goes beyond sex. Intimacy can be displayed in several ways, and it’s up to you to show it. By confirming with your loved one that you respect and appreciate them, you’ll have a happy, healthy sex life, that is both magical and special.


Respect your partner:

Finally, respect is probably the most essential thing that you need to have for your partner. Consent and being aware of your partner’s boundaries ensure that you respect each other and love each other regardless. Without respect, a relationship and sex life will never flourish.


And there you have it! Sex and relationships are vital for us as humans, and we must remember how it can benefit us. Love can conquer all, and with a respectful, intimate relationship, the sky is endless.


Photo by Kate Kozyrka on Unsplash