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Everything You Need To Know About Facial Feminization NYC

Female feminization NYC providers specialize in cosmetic surgeries that transform a masculine face into a more feminine and softer version of it. The overall effect is the face appears to be more female and delicate just like real women do, but it does not alter or change the appearance of the person. You would still be you but you just look more like a female than you ever did before.

Cosmetic surgery is intended for people who want to become more feminine, although the majority of the patients who get this procedure are transgender women, it is not uncommon to have real women get the procedure too especially if they have facial hair and have an angular look or a masculine look. The procedure can be done on any person who wishes to refine their features such as their cheekbones, brows, earlobes, nose, and eyes. With this procedure, outstanding results are guaranteed since those who perform the surgery have intensive training in craniofacial procedures and work both in the cosmetic and medical fields.

Those who do the surgeries are full-fledged surgeons who have had extensive training and experience, are board and state-certified and are duly licensed to perform such surgeries. Doing facial reconstruction and facial feminization surgery is not easy, and so much of it comes from an intimate knowledge of female facial features as well as female gender expressions, the surgeon has to be able to see these in every patient they operate on.

Without that knowledge of what makes a person feminine, then this type of surgery will just be another facelift or cheek implant, it can enhance the beauty of the face, but it cannot transform a masculine face into a female version. Getting facial feminization surgery can help a transgender woman transition to become her true self by revealing what was there all along, the woman trapped in a man’s face.

What is Facial Feminization NYC Surgeries?

Facial Feminization NYC surgery is a collective term for a series of surgeries on the face of patients who want to achieve a more feminine look than what one is born with. The surgeries all result in a softer, kinder, and lovelier face that the transgender patient has been trying to achieve for a long time. The procedures included in this group of surgeries include Adam’s apple shaving so that the neck would look narrower and softer. Then cheek contouring, cheek lift and filling, brow contouring, lip filling, hairline lowering, and nose rhinoplasty.

All of these procedures can be done in one session so that the patient only needs to go into surgery once. Since all of these are surgeries have to follow medical standards, it would be too costly to go through the second surgery of that proportion. Also, when the different surgeries are done together, it will have a far more astounding effect than if just a few of the procedures were done. During the facial feminization surgeries, the surgeon will target the key facial features that distinguish a man from a woman, and each patient will be different from the next hence, the work that surgeons do is painstakingly meticulous and time-consuming. The more it is better to get facial feminization surgeries at one time.

After the surgery, there is a two-week downtime wherein the patient has to go through recovery and so that the swelling can subside, it is only then that the changes made to the face can be visible. For the patient to fully recover and be able to see her new face, she has to rest for about six weeks. After which, the patient can resume her physical activities and daily routine, although there are special instructions on how to care for the face after the surgery.


When Do You Need Facial Feminization NYC Procedures?

Facial feminization NYC procedures are suitable for women who want to soften and enhance their facial features to be more feminine, on the other hand, it is also for a transgender woman who wants to feminize their appearance. However, not everyone needs this procedure, there is a transgender who is happy and comfortable with their present appearance. If they do, then going under the knife is not a very good prospect, as they might not like the result.

There is also a certain finality to the transgender transition if they choose to have the surgery to make them look female-like. And understandably so, it can be overwhelming to confront that reality, so many go through their transgender identity with less drastic changes like maybe shaving Adam’s apple, having facial hair lasered, and even a lip filling to get that pouty look.

However, if a transgender woman is unhappy with her current facial features, and it keeps reminding her of who she was in the past, then facial feminization surgery is her best chance of a beautiful transformation. Women also at times can be born with masculine features like a square jaw, an angular face, protruding brows, and a huge nose. They can all benefit from female feminization surgery as it will change their problem areas to become more feminine and delicate.

Nevertheless, deciding to get cosmetic surgery is not an easy process, it will take a lot of thinking and weighing out the pros and cons and most importantly whether the patient has have had cosmetic surgery before and if they need it. A consultation with the surgeon is important as it will determine whether the patient is a good candidate for the procedure or not.

How To Get Facial Feminization NYC?

If you are thinking about getting this type of cosmetic surgery, then you can contact the facial feminization NYC providers and schedule a consultation. From the consultation, you will be able to determine the pros and cons of the surgery as well as the costs and the after-care needed. This will put into perspective whether you are suited for the surgery or not. Based on the doctor’s assessment, you will either be scheduled for the surgery and will be given a list of instructions on what to do before the surgery and what to prepare, or you will be given other options that will be more appropriate for your needs.


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