Self Improvement

Mandy Kloppers

Everything Is As It Should Be


Everything  is as it should be

Take comfort in the idea that everything happening in your life right now is meant to be happening. Whatever is happening is exactly the way it should be in order to bring you the best possible long term outcome.

If good things are coming your way and you’re feeling happy, appreciated and loved you can feel happy in the knowledge that you deserve this. Let go of any guilty feelings or feelings of unworthiness that threaten to spoil your pleasure. Trust that you have been given exactly what you are meant to have.

If however you are experiencing hardship, grief or a difficult time in general, it is easy to feel that life is cruel and to feel sorry for ourselves. The tough times are, in fact, as important as the easy times as they teach us valuable life lessons. When we are going through a tough time we learn a lot about ourselves and about our capabilities to handle tricky times. Difficult experiences can help us to learn new coping skills and to gain confidence in many ways. If you can come through tough times, you begin to have more faith in your abilities to manage through conflict and turbulence. You will end up stronger, wiser and richer in spirit.

Life is a mixture of good and bad, neither last indefinitely but each will shine light on the other and help you to appreciate the value it brings you. I things are hard for you, realise that there is a reason for it and that it won’t last forever. Change is inevitable.

Believe that you have the power and strength within you to handle whatever comes your way. Try not to waste time on regrets and see your current situation as a culmination of past decisions that have brought you purposefully to this point, even if you cannot see clear reasons for it.

When you accept that everything is as it should be, you stop struggling for solutions and quick fixes. Instead, take a deep breath and relax allowing life to unfold in the best way possible for easier times ahead. Live in the moment as much as possible for you don’t know the outcome, even of you think you do. Stop focusing on the future, or regretting the past..everything is as it should be.

Mandy X