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Erectile Dysfunction and Its Psychological Causes: 3 Ways to Solve the Problem

Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, can occur due to three main factors: vascular disorders, hormonal disorders, and psychological problems. The first two aren’t likely to cause anxiety: blood vessels can be treated, while hormonal balance can be restored.


Psychological impotence, on the other hand, generates much more anxiety, since it can be quite difficult to get rid of internal traumas. Is there any salvation for men faced with this kind of disease? This article will attempt to find an answer to this question.



Tip #1: Take Erectile Stimulants


A temporary solution to the problem may be sildenafil, an erection stimulant that is part of the most popular ED drug, Viagra. Since the original is expensive, it is more profitable to visit a canadian pharmacy for sildenafil generics, where it’s usually sold at a price 3-5 times cheaper.


Sildenafil has an independent effect on erection, temporarily suspending the breakdown of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP): a biological substance responsible for relaxing and filling the smooth muscles of the penis with blood.


In other words, no matter what psychological perils a man can face, sildenafil will provide a high-quality erection for a period of 2-3 hours. In many cases, this is enough to avoid conflicts with a sexual partner, who will have an easier time going through this time.


Tip #2: Try Antidepressants


There is a slightly biased attitude towards antidepressants in society, and yet these drugs restore the balance of neurotransmitters of the brain and help to eliminate such conditions as depression and apathy.


In many cases, it is the course of correctly selected antidepressants that returns a person to a positive emotional mood, including the desire for full-fledged sexual intimacy.


It should be emphasized separately that only a health care specialist should prescribe drugs of this group — otherwise the effect may be reversed.


Tip #3: Tro to Remember Yourself as a Teen


This rather experimental way of alleviating the psychological problems connected to ED will be useful to those who use various psychotechnics or mental practices to regulate their emotional state, such as autogenic training, affirmations, raja yoga, etc.


The purpose of this unusual exercise is to reproduce in your mind the adolescent attitude to intimacy, when sex was perceived at a primitive level, without being emotionally colored or interpreted through the prism of various preferences.


To do this, you need to turn off your consciousness and allow the body to act on the level of instincts: stimulus — reaction. Those who manage to perform this technique note not only a sharply increased quality of erection, but even discover a range of new erotic sensations.


Final Tip: Visit a Psychologist


The listed methods are aimed at a quick solution to the problem of psychological impotence. However, to eliminate the root cause of this disorder, you probably should contact a qualified psychologist to uncover and work out those traumatic experiences that prevent you from enjoying intimacy with a loved one.


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