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Mandy Kloppers

Enjoying Cuisine Worldwide: Enhance Your Palate

If you are a picky eater, chances are you going to miss out on a lot of good cuisines out there. That is such a waste, considering the many dishes from all over the world now closer to us. With new local and international restaurants opening every day, it may be time to improve your palate and have a go at foods you normally would not eat.  

Ready to be a true blue foodie? Improve your palate and have a taste of the world by following the tips below: 

Be Willing To Try The Unfamiliar 

There is nothing more that can bar you from having a good experience in life, including in eating experiences, that a defeatist attitude. Everything is at least worth a try once. Unless you have an allergy to certain foods, do not be afraid to try something you are unfamiliar with.  

Next favourite dish might not even be the usual Australian dish you have been having since you were in grade school. Do not close off your mind to exotic dishes either, unless of course you know how unethical the preparation practices that were employed behind the dish.  

Have an Adventurous Spirit 

Naturally, do not just eat every exotic dish served out to you. You do not have to careless. It can be as simple as just being prepared to order something you never thought you will order in your favourite restaurant, or entering a new dining place that never seemed to appeal to you in the past. For example, a Filipino restaurant that your friend has been raving about. What the heck is adobo and why is it always being raved about? Stop asking and check it out.  

How about the Vietnamese restaurant down the street that you can actually smell when you are walking home? Have an open mind and you can expand your palate enough to enjoy new foods, even world cuisines! If you have the option to go abroad or be invited by a friend to try an international restaurant that they really love, do not say no to the dishes being served you, even if you think they look unappealing, or even downright scary. Remember: they’re edible; they will not be eaten in the first place if they’re poisonous.  

Do An Actual Palate Cleansing 

While there are some people palate seems to be better than others right at the get go, everyone can use some palate cleansing to improve theirs. Sometimes, all foods taste the same already and nothing seems exciting to try anymore. This is because your palate is already failing and you can no longer recognize the subtle flavours in your food. 

 If you are aspiring to at least enjoy the best of world cuisines, then it is best that you do a palate cleanse to help you distinguish what is Australian pizza from Italian’s, Chinese shanghai from Vietnamese spring rolls, and Korean Barbeque from Filipino tapa. Conduct herb exercises right at the comfort of your home and practice noting their differences.  

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask, Explore, and Research 

Much of what we do not know stems from not devoting time to finding out information about them in the first place. Instead of being afraid without actually knowing what is scary or unappealing about something, doing research is the key. If you are raring to try the cuisines of the world, Google is a good way to start. Want to know what are some interesting Vietnam food facts. Search and ask.  

Being adventurous need not always be about risking your lives or anything outrageous like that; it could be simply checking out that new Danish or Vietnamese restaurant down the block, and not worry whether you will or will not like the food. You just have to trust that the experience is going to be worth it. 

Mandy X