Emotional Wellbeing


Mandy Kloppers

Emotional Well Being

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Emotional Well Being –  the cornerstone of a happy stable society

It’s common sense that a good quality of life and the best chance at peace and contentment come from a society where their mental health is nurtured and prioritised. Yet, it seems many societies’ emotional well being needs are not prioritised in this way.

Mental health services get low funding, according to research by the charity Mind. The UK mental health services are allocated on average, a whole 1% of a local council’s budget. Yet, if our mental health and emotional well being is not attended to, everything else falls apart. Our physical health suffers, our productivity at work deteriorates, neglecting our emotional well being has an over arching effect on everything else.

In a society when mental health services are robust, people are able to see mental health professionals within a fairly short amount of time, not the current 6 months to 1 year waiting times (minimum). People are made more aware through active campaigns about signs of stress and low level depression. The fact that depression and anxiety is growing is a concern yet governments don’t seem to be taking this seriously.

When emotional well being is a priority, happiness levels increase. Productivity and the economy increase and people are nicer to each other- more tolerant and forgiving.

If we do not have decent mental health provision, we have nothing. It saddens me that we aren’t more forward thinking with regard to our mental health and emotional well being. Schools should be teaching children how to manage emotions and help students to know what to do when they feel stressed. Teaching children coping skills is just as important, if not more important, than academic performance. Being successful, more than ever, involves emotional intelligence and wisdom as much as intellectual performance.

A child who knows how to tolerate uncertainty, who is able to regulate their emotions and has a grounded attitude towards life will fare far better than a neurotic, stressed out straight A student. Mental resilience is the foundation upon which society should be building it’s goals and ambitions.

What do you think??

Mandy X

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