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Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

emotional intelligence


Are you a healthcare professional, psychologist, or HR Manager looking to expand your knowledge of emotional intelligence? If so, the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass may be exactly what you are looking for. 

This course is also an excellent resource for therapists, coaches or mental well-being trainers. 

By taking this course, you will be able to add the skill of Emotional Intelligence to your personal or professional arsenal or use it to build your own unique workshop. 

This course is designed to help you learn how to help people use their emotions instead of being used by them.  

Having Emotional Intelligence skills allows you to build positive relationships, influence people and manage your own and others’ emotions in a healthier fashion. 

This Emotional Intelligence Masterclass is broken down into three main parts and six unique modules providing: 

  1. An introduction into the field of Positive Psychology as well as developments within the field. 
  1. The Sailboat Metaphor and how it can be used to explain concepts like well-being as well as how the metaphor can be used in a more practical context. 
  1. More information on the construct of Emotional Intelligence in terms of emotional awareness, beliefs about emotions and emotional expression. 

The six unique modules include: 

  1. Emotions 
  1. Emotional Intelligence 
  1. Emotional Awareness 
  1. Beliefs About Emotions 
  1. Emotional Knowledge 
  1. Emotional Expression 

In the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass, you will start with a brief review of positive psychology as you learn more about what emotions are. 

As you take a deep dive into Emotional Intelligence you will learn why it has become such a popular field. Next is emotional awareness, which can help you better understand how you are feeling moment to moment and how that impacts your life. 

Understanding the beliefs around emotions will help you see emotions outside of conscious awareness and how emotions can strongly determine the relationship you have with others. 

Emotional knowledge and emotional expression are also covered helping you better understand what motivates people. 

The Sailboat Metaphor 

The sailboat metaphor is a wonderful guide that provides a comprehensive structure for addressing the essential elements of well-being. 

As a professional, your job is to help others captain their own ship of life. The sailboat metaphor compares human functioning to a sailboat and it’s journey through rough seas. 

The Sailboat metaphor contains: 

  1. Water 
  1. Compass 
  1. Steering Wheel 
  1. Leak 
  1. Sails 
  1. Weather 
  1. Other Boats 
  1. Destination 

The human experience is like the sailboat because many different things impact it. The water is our playground of life and the environment in which we live.  

The compass provides feedback on our direction just like our feelings, emotions and bodily sensations as well as intuition act as a navigator and guide. 

The steering wheel represents personal values in the same way the boat’s steering wheel determines exactly where the boat will go. A leak in the boat is equivalent to those personal weaknesses we all experience throughout life. 

The sails represent our personal strengths and our positive traits as well as factors that facilitate goal achievement and personal well-being. 

The weather helps us understand that there are things in life that we cannot control, both positive and negative. 

The people that surround us as well as our social networks are like the other boats in the water.  The destination is akin to the goals we set throughout life. 

In addition to examining these eight elements of human functioning, the sailboat also has a captain. How the captain relates to these eight elements of the boat represents the relationship an individual has with himself and with others which is a beautiful analogy for life. 

The sailboat metaphor can: 

  • Help explain complex psychological constructs in a simple way. 
  • Help build effective coping skills. 
  • Provide ways to avoid rumination. 
  • Be used as a way to untangle the many different constructs in the field of positive psychology in one cohesive framework. 
  • Be used as a way to communicate complex interactive psychological processes. 

This course is a great way to grow your practice and it can help you become a sought-after practitioner with a unique set of tools. 

The Emotional Intelligence Masterclass is designed to help you become an Emotional Intelligence expert who can help others better understand and use their emotions in life-enriching ways. 




Author Bio – Leslie Riopel is a freelance writer with a Master’s degree in Psychology. She also teaches Psychology courses at Northwood University. Leslie writes on a wide range of topics including academic writing and researching, mindfulness and meditation, inspirational/motivational, metaphysical/spiritual and pieces related to psychology or health and wellness. 


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