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Mandy Kloppers

Emotional Inhibition

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Emotional Inhibition

We all try to avoid painful feelings but when we take this to the extreme, we can find ourselves living in an emotional desert where we don’t feel anything anymore. Suppressing painful feelings doesn’t make them go away. They will bubble below the surface and emerge in other ways – affairs, gambling – different types of escapism. But eventually it catches up with you in the for  of anxiety, panic attacks or depression.

Many of us are brought up to believe that expressing emotion is unacceptable. As a child, may are forced to hide emotions – especially anger. The challenge is to find a balance where you can safely express your emotions and be understood whilst at the same time releasing that inner tension.

Avoiding feelings is worse than expressing it.

Feelings are natural and normal – part of being human. If we try for too long to deny normal emotions within us, our health will suffer – guaranteed. Learning to express emotions as well as deal with others express emotion is healthy and the best way to go for long term equilibrium. If you are uncomfortable dealing with yours and others’ emotions, ask yourself why? What exactly are you afraid of? The only way to break through that fear is to make small inroads into the world of emotion. Ask someone how they are feeling – REALLY feeling..underneath. An answer of “I am fine” won’t cut it. Why do they feel fine? What has helped to make them feel fine? You’ll be amazed at the kinds of rich relationships you can develop with others by digging a little deeper. Not being intrusive but genuinely caring about the well being of others instead of just going through the motions of social etiquette.

Accept that feelings can be comfortable and uncomfortable – don’t fear feelings – the more you know about them the more you will understand the world we live in. That is, why people are motivated to do certain things, what compels us to act in certain ways.

The power involved in understanding emotion

It’s why large brands dig deeper to understand our shopping habits. many of our habits are dictated by our emotions – we want to feel safe, included, popular, successful – the basis for all of this is emotion. Understanding emotions puts you ahead of the pack.

The emotionally intelligent people tend to become successful quicker than those that function without this added ‘radar’.

So, considering all the benefits to becoming friends with emotions, isn’t it time to start identifying your emotions, embracing them..and most of all – expressing them.

Mandy X


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