Mandy Kloppers

Eight Ways to be Kind


There are many ways to be kind and below you will find a few examples. I try to fit kindness into my life on a regular basis as it helps me to feel that I am giving back and offering value. You can make up your own individual ways to be kind and work on delivering an act of kindness a few times each week. It lifts my spirits and it will do the same for you. When we focus on giving to others we forget our own troubles for a while too… 🙂

1) Smile at strangers, smile often in fact. Smiling tricks the brain into believing we are happy. Research has shown that holding a pencil between your teeth will lead you to feeling happier.

2) Do something for someone else that you don’t need to do. It will make you feel good and others will love you for it.

3) Give someone a hug daily. Hugs are good for the soul and help us feel connected.

4) Pay someone a compliment every day. Spread goodwill.

5) Give back – whether it’s taking care of the environment or donating to a charity.

6) Give someone the benefit of the doubt

7) Keep an open mind and try to see others as innocent until proven guilty.

8) Help out someone less fortunate than you – give small change to a beggar or help out an animal in distress.

Spreading positivity and goodwill helps you and others and makes the world a better place.

Mandy X