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Education is the Key to Succeed in Life

In this knowledge based economy, only those who are fully equipped to thrive in this global workplace succeed. The truth of the matter is that the skills you may have learned in your college years have become less important or worst obsolete. At present, we cannot rely on connections, friends, or family to get ahead in life. That would not simply be possible anymore since more and more people are becoming highly specialized and highly trained. Employers nowadays do not only require a college degree but a master’s degree and those who have completed a doctoral degree have the most advantage. In our society today, personal services and ideas are more preferred over goods and products, consumers often look for value added services and personalized services. To be able to cope and be competitive in this area, the need to upgrade ourselves cannot be set-aside anymore. It has become a necessity to improve ourselves, if we want to not just survive but thrive in this world.

However, going back to school is a daunting task, it is not for the faint-hearted. Attending classes, studying, making papers and completing a program takes an enormous amount of effort and commitment. More so that it entails financial costs, one has to pay tuition fees, school fees, pay for textbooks and resources and for internships, as well as having to take time off from your job to be able to go to school or attend to demanding coursework. Thus, having a full time job interferes with our interest to go back to school, and since our survival and financial stability is paramount, pursuing a graduate degree takes a back seat for most of us. Even if people know that getting a higher degree would be the best option for upward social mobility, the costs are actually too high. Going back to school would mean taking on additional jobs, incurring student loans, and sometimes even relocating to where the school is. No wonder, only those who have the time and finances go back to school, for most we stay on dead-end jobs and dream only of pursuing a higher degree.

Thankfully, an online option is now available such as the online doctoral program for psychology or more commonly known as Online PsyD. Quite a number of universities and colleges now offer online programs wherein would be students have the opportunity to finish a program through the internet. This allow working professionals to enroll in graduate programs and complete this in the comfort of their homes and in a number of formats. For example in an Online PsyD program, students are given materials to study and activities to complete, as well as to take exams using portals or pages that one can access using the internet. Thus, the student need not be physically present to attend school. Most online programs also offer a flexible time-frame not constrained by the semestral terms in a traditional school. The student can also take as many or as few courses they can manage at a given period, hence the risk of dropping out is actually very low. Moreover, the costs for an online program is much lower than the traditional classes. An online program is cheaper in the sense that schools do not have to spend for classrooms, facilities, lecturers, teaching assistants and operating costs since the interaction actually occurs online.

Although quite appealing, there is a caveat to online programs, one has to be able to distinguish a legit program from fly-by-night ones. Some programs do not have the necessary accreditation and will not be recognized as a legit degree program. This is the reason why some people are wary when it comes to online graduate programs, however, Online PsyD programs are a cut from the rest. A university or college that offers an Online PsyD program has complied with the necessary requirements to be recognized by the academic and professional community. There are a huge number of programs to choose from, the thing is one has to ascertain that what they are enrolling is actually a legit programs. The best way to this is to choose programs that are given by established universities and colleges. Usually a university with graduate programs that have existed for about ten years have the appropriate accreditation to offer an online program.

Online psychology graduate programs have various tracks such as counseling, business psychology, management, transformative leadership and even a yoga and cognitive program. These programs provide students with advanced training in the said fields that once they complete can boost their educational qualifications. Also, as these programs are still rigorously designed, students still reap the benefits of an educational program which enhance their critical thinking skills, time management, self-efficacy and self-regulation. Which are all life skills that can positively impact your confidence and ability to chase after your dreams. Although it takes a certain kind of student to succeed in an online program, since only those who are highly motivated complete it. The truth is education is the key to having a competitive advantage in this race we call life. Enrolling in an Online PsyD program is the best option for professionals who aspire to have better opportunities in terms of employment and professional growth. It is cost effective, one can finish a degree without having to change jobs, move to a new place or be physically present in class. It has the same academic rigor that is key to advanced training and specialization, and it is not that expensive as those in a traditional school. There are various fields to choose from and once completed, the diploma you get is recognized in most states and would allow one to seek accreditations and licenses to practice. Although it takes more effort and dedication to complete an Online PsyD program, since it entails selfdiscipline, commitment and dedication to persevere and complete the program. The benefits of completing an online doctoral program in psychology actually outweigh the costs and the end result will be all worth it.

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