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Easy ways to brighten up your home and boost your wellbeing by using photos

Frames filled with family portraits, snaps from recent holidays and photos with friends used to be a common sight in many rooms in the house, but research by CEWE has revealed it might be a forgotten cause, with just 15% of people printing out photos to display in their home.

This is despite the positive effect that displaying photos in the home can have on our mental wellbeing. Research has shown that having ‘real’ photos in the home provides regular psychological positive reinforcement by reminding us of ‘social bond enhancement’ – essentially what and who is important to us. This means there’s never been a better reason to print off those photos that have been gathering digital dust on your phone.

There are lots of ways you can display photos in your home that are still in keeping with your interior design. Clare Moreton, photo expert at CEWE, shares her top tips.

Try the rule of three 

Ever walked into a room that doesn’t feel quite right? Well, there’s a simple interior design trick that can fix that and using photo prints is a great way to achieve it – the rule of three.

The rule of three states that objects grouped in odd numbers are more visually pleasing on the human eye, so why not put that rule to the test by creating a photo collection on your walls using three prints. A great way to create harmony is to run a theme through your photos. For example, display three different perspectives from a recent holiday, use similar colours across your prints or showcase three different milestones in your life. Whatever your ‘three’ are, you’ll find this rule is a great way to add interest to a blank wall and will take your interior design from amateur to pro in one simple step.

Turn your staircase into a gallery 

Halls and stairways can be the most difficult spaces to decorate in our homes, with many of us not knowing where to start when it comes to filling those large areas of blank space. A gallery wall is the perfect way to brighten up this tricky area of the home, allowing you to collate your favourite photos and display them in a place you’ll get to enjoy them every day.

The key to creating a gallery of wall art is to embrace asymmetry. You might be tempted to use the same size frames or line up your photos side by side but for a more interesting effect, mix up the size and colours of your frames and pictures. Try starting with your biggest piece or a photo that you’d like to be the focal point of your wall, for example a family photo or a picture from your wedding day. Then, radiate a few smaller prints out from this central point. You can also choose to bring a sense of harmony to the asymmetry by using photos with similar colours and tones.

Add interest to shelves 

You might just see them as another piece of storage in your home, but bookcases and shelves can be an important interior design tool when it comes to brightening up your space. Chances are it has been months (or even years!) since you last rearranged your bookshelf but doing so is a cheap and easy way to mix up the design of your home.

If you’ve had the same photos in frames on your shelf for a while, now is the time to switch them out for some new prints. Try square or retro style photobooth prints to add a modern touch to the usual framed photos, and complement the colours in your photos with corresponding tones throughout your shelves to add a sense of design. For example, if you have updated your shelves with lots of bright, sunny snaps from your travels, complement them with a stack of books featuring bright blue and green tones or a vase in a dusky orange.

Turn your photos into works of art

For a unique way to display your favourite photos at home, it’s easier than you may think to turn them into a work of art. Print your photos on unique materials, such as aluminiumacrylic or even wood.

A classic canvas can be made more interesting by splitting one photo across multiple canvases. Or you could get creative by using hexxas, which are hexagonal wall art tiles that can be made up of one, or multiple images. Whatever you do, display your new artwork somewhere prominent in your room, such as above a mantelpiece, bed or sofa, to create a unique focal point that draws the eye into your space.

Living in a place that feels like home is a great psychological boost and will improve your mood.

Mandy X

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash