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Earn money while dating


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Earn money while dating

Get ready for it – there’s a new dating app out where you can earn money while searching for your soulmate. I decided to give the new dating app Spritzr a try and found it an enjoyable experience. Spritzr’s founder and CEO, Manshu Agarwal, was searching for love. He found that his best dates came through friends. However, he could only go to so many friends’ parties, and email or facebook introductions were really awkward. So he thought, why isn’t there a fun, low pressure way for friends to play matchmaker? Now there is.

It’s easy to set up as you can use your Facebook profile and you’re on your way. You can play matchmaker and match up other singles. They see your suggestions and if any of them match and like each other, you could earn $10 cupid cash.

Users simply drag and drop photos of singles they think would make a good pair. The more couples they successfully match, the more Cupid Cash they earn, which can be exchanged for real money. You choose whether you want to be actively involved in finding a partner by choosing the “single” option or, if you are in a relationship but want to help others find love, you choose the “in a relationship” option – simple!

I spent a few hours playing around with this app – it’s free to download and I managed to match one couple. I found that rather rewarding. It’s a fun way to see how good you are as matchmaker and I haven’t come across another app like it.

“Channel your inner cupid” as the app suggests – it’s definitely worth a try!

Mandy X

Itunes link for Spritz: CLICK HERE

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