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A. Scott Roberts provides an evidence-based and in-depth approach to addiction. This program reveals how research suggests that all addictions are the same within the brain and explains how the brain is “hijacked” in an addicted person. Through over 10 years of research A. Scott Roberts has put together the perfect guide to help individuals struggling with addictions to profoundly understand the brain and what evidence reveals about common treatment options.

Thousands of people have been able to successfully manage their addictions by these simple evidence based approaches to recovery. The Truth Of Addiction can help anyone to gain a greater understanding of addiction and what evidence shows about certain methods that can help reverse it.

Research shows that relapse is actually caused by negative emotions instead of physical cravings as once thought. Because of this, using mindfulness meditation techniques have been shown to help addicts to let go of negative emotions that lead to addiction and improve recovery rates.

Studying the Truth Of Addiction e-book should help an addict and loved ones of addicts to understand and implement evidence-based practices that have shown to improve recovery. From understanding how the brain operates, the common pitfalls in most rehabilitation programs and how to heal the family that is affected by addiction, this e-book covers it all.

For more information, visit: the official website: Truth of Addiction      truth of addiction ebook

This is one of the best books I have found on dealing with addiction. I have recommended it to many of my clients battling drug addiction and they have reported back that it has helped them tremendously. This is definitely something worth reading.

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