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Don’t stay silent



Don’t stay silent

“Don’t stay silent!”…yes, I know this goes against conventional advice but times they are a-changing. Being mindful means living in the moment and living less in your thoughts. All too often, I listen to my clients talk about what they wish they had said or how they let an opportunity slip by because they didn’t say what they felt. The less you keep bottled up, the less chaotic your mind will be.

Silence is overrated, chances will fade and you may regret not saying what was on your mind. I am referring more to talking about your inner feelings rather than expressing negativity or being mean. We all need to slightly filter what we say to others but when it comes to living an open honest life where you say what you feel, you should go for it.

Often, we suppress our feelings and stay silent out of fear.  However, the more you assert yourself and ask for what you want, the easier it gets. Start small and work your way up. I have been brave and told someone how I felt or let them in on a truth that I thought might freak them out in the past. Amazingly, people have reacted remarkably well.

So, don’t hold your tongue – express yourself, get it out and know that you haven’t let an opportunity slip through your fingers.

Mandy X


Photo by Dan Zen

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