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Mandy Kloppers

Does achievement lead to happiness?

Research has shown time and time again that achievement does not lead to happiness. Money, power and status can help and influence your mood but it cannot create happiness. That is a state of mind that comes from a deep connection with others,a sense of fulfilment and purpose that goes way deeper than the superficial gains of money and recognition.

Achievement is great but it is short lived. Then we are onto the next thing. The way we chase superficial things leads us into an attitude of “I’ll be happy when…” and this is where we fool ourselves. Happiness is a state of mind that isn’t directly related to achievement. It is a feeling of peace and fulfilment in the moment. Have you ever shared a laugh with a friend or watched a sunset and felt a fleeting moment of joy? That’s happiness! Happiness often comes from simple things.

That’s good news though. I know many wealthy people and if achievement did make us happy, all wealthy people would be happy – and this just isn’t the case.

So it must be something else. I think we are all chasing the wrong things. Instead we should be giving back to others, being kind and thinking of ourselves less. Spending time with people and enjoying experiences rather than materialistic things is where it’s at.

I like nice things, don;t get me wrong. A bit of luxury never goes amiss but I keep it in its place. It’s great but I know it won’t make me truly happy. That comes from people and connecting and bonding with others. This releases oxytocin – a feel good hormone.

Focus on people more and see how things change for you.

Mandy X