Mandy Kloppers

Do these important things ASAP

Sometimes we bumble along and let life pass us by without doing anything that is really important to us. We become complacent and assume we will have many more days, weeks, years to fulfil our inner wishes and desires.

Now imagine how you would change your behaviour if (god forbid) you were told you would only have 6 months to live.

I have done a few surveys and asked people what they would do with limited time. While we may have a lot more time at our disposal thankfully, it is still a good idea to know what’s important.

Here are a few ideas and common responses:

Tell loved ones and important people that you love and appreciate them.

Put people ahead of chores, material possessions and other nefarious activities that sap our attention.

Do those things you wish to try – whether it is sky diving, raising money for a charity or asking someone you fancy on a date. Set fear aside and try = no time like the present.

Put experiences ahead of money. material possessions.

Take time to love a pet or an animal – they are great therapy.

Be kind to others, they will remember how you made them feel. Spread positive energy if you can. It’s free and it makes the world a better place.

Don’t delay things you can do now. Don’t take time for granted. If possible, move your goals forward.

Plan for the future but live in the present moment as much as possible. I see people who rush from one thing to another and they live their life in a ‘blur’. They tell me their whole life seems to merge into one hazy vision. That’s not good – what a waste of life.

Be mindful, stop and take in your environment – what can you see, touch, taste, hear, smell?

Stop rushing about so much, learn to slow down…there are no award at the end of life for having what I call the ‘busy disease’.

Remind yourself of what it is that makes you happy. Being around like minded people and spending time in nature and with animals makes me very happy. What does it for you? Do you have enough of it in your life? If not why not and what can you do to change that?

Don’t be that person who has no quality of life currently and promises themselves they will reap the rewards of their hardwork when they retire. That’s all fine but it doesn’t have to be that black and white. Don’t put life on hold.

Mandy X