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Do it differently

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Do it differently


There’s a saying, “a change is as good as a holiday”. I know I would rather take the holiday  thanks, but sometimes making changes is easier and more accessible than taking holidays (not to mention less expensive) so I have thought of a few easy ways to make refreshing small changes that might just shift your perspective.

1) Alter your routine.

If you always buy the newspaper first thing in the morning, try going for a coffee first or go an hour later. You may meet different people, something different might occur because you have changed your ‘daily time zone’. If you usually shower in the morning, try a shower in the evening. If you start by washing your shoulders and working downwards, begin your shower routine by washing your feet first and working upwards.

Apparently, doing things slightly differently affects the neural pathways in the brain, over time, new neural pathways get reinforced and this alone can shift your perspective slightly.

2) Change your supermarket shopping direction

We tend to stick to the same direction every time we visit the local grocery store. Next time, either start on the complete opposite side of the supermarket or change the direction of the aisles you visit. Work back to front, shake it up and you will probably find you notice new products as your brain will be more alert and less on ‘auto-pilot’.

3) Drive a different route

Take a different route to work if possible. If you always sit on the same place on the train or bus, try somewhere new. We are creatures of habit but this sometimes doesn’t do us any favours.

4) Wear clothing you don’t wear often

Dog out something that never gets a look in when you get dressed in the morning. Wear that outfit that you aren’t too sure about, or the one you bought but have never worn. As long as you don’t feel uncomfortable in it or less confident, get into something new. When you go shopping, be adventurous and buy something that is more colourful than you normally buy. While you’re at it, visit a few stores that you don’t normally go into it.

5) Make a different meal

Try cooking something you have never made before. I know this takes a bit more effort to do but it will increase your meal repertoire and can give you a sense of achievement. Each new experience is a learning curve.

6) Swap indoors for outdoors or vice versa

If you tend to spend most of your time indoors, make an effort to go for a walk or spend time outdoors gardening. If you tend to be outdoorsy, try doing something indoors for a change.

7) Rearrange the furniture

Change the layout of the furniture in your home. This can make a huge difference and re-invigorate you. Try to do a clear out at the same time, you will be you have accomplished something and rearranging your home can be a refreshing activity.

8) Update photos

We all have our favourite photos on display but there are some that could do with upgrading. If you can’t bear to part with any of your current photos, buy a few new frames and put a few new pictures up.

9) Search for free online education

See my recent post on free online education resources. Knowledge is never ever wasted. Keeping your brain active has many advantages including minimising the onset of dementia later in life.


Photo by symphony of love

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