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Destroy your inhibitions

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Destroy your inhibitions

Following on from previous post on faulty assumptions – many of our inhibitions come from faulty assumptions that we make about ourselves and others. We tend to compare our “behind the scenes footage” with others’ “highlight reel”. What you do that for?? It makes no sense to do that – it will most definitely leave you feeling rubbish about yourself and most of the comparing will probably not even be correct.

So, I am asking you to go back to the proverbial drawing board…

What are your inhibitions?

Flabby bits?

Do you cover up in bed because you don’t like parts of your body? Believe it or not, your partner is probably delighted to be with you and won’t be stopping every so often to check whether your body looks good – they will be going on how things feel. Focus on physical touch and tune out the visual – you will be AMAZED at how much better the experience will be for you and your partner. Inhibitions are mental barriers that you create. You can get rid of them if you choose to.

Do you worry that others will judge you negatively and as a result you remain quiet so as not to draw any attention to yourself?

The more you fade into the background in an attempt to avoid judgement, the stronger the mental barrier will become. It is crucial to take an action (even a small one to begin with) that challenges your self limiting belief. People will judge you either way – if you are quiet and try to “sit on the fence” you will STILL be judged. Let yourself be judged for what you do rather than what you don’t do. Grow a pair and start having an opinion…wear that crazy outfit that you love…be true to yourself and you will be amazed at how accepting others are. They may even secretly envy your confidence to be yourself. You might receive a little heckling in the beginning but have a sense of humour about it…remind yourself that people ‘taking the piss’ is just normal banter – it’s what you think about it that matters, not the actual banter that does the damage.

Inhibitions will make you into a shell of what you could be. Care less about what others think. Follow your true self – they’re always ahead of you beckoning you to move forward. Be liberated, feel free. Stop giving a shit about what others think when you are being creative, different…living a life true to you.

Think of me in the background waving my pompoms in the air, encouraging you on…”Here’s to being true to yourself, here’s to freedom and living life your way”.

Mandy X