Mandy Kloppers

Designer clothes and low self esteem

You don’t need to be a Psychologist for this one.
Think about it – wearing a Designer Label equates to having a ‘validity stamp’ on you.
The common misconception seems to be – If I wear Designer clothes, other people will see me as successful, as higher in status, wealthier” – in general Designer goods are associated with many positives in many people’s minds.
However, to someone who understands a little about how people’s minds work – how they really work, it is obvious to see that Designer Labels make up for people’s perceived inadequacies about themselves.

Many many times, I have met wealthy successful people and they have arrived in old well worn clothing. This is a sign of someone who is comfortable with themselves and who does not need to impress others. They feel good enough as they are – designer clothing or not. That’s true self esteem, something we should all strive for. Holes and gaping seams on display suggest that a person has nothing to prove to anyone. My theory is that, the more Designer clothes you buy and wear, the more insecure you are. Of course, some designer goods can be of superior quality but I have purchased designer goods in the past (yes, I have self esteem issues at times!) and they haven’t always been as good as cheaper versions. Capitalistic society is a con in some ways, we are influenced by societal trends and buy into this nonsense of paying a fortune just because the item is designer. It really is crazy. Stop and think about this.


It may seem a controversial statement stating that being obsessed with designer labels is a sign of low self esteem but this theory has prioven to be true on many occasions. It’s something that seems to be true time and time again. Common sense alone will explain this concept.   Someone who takes pride in their appearance but who really likes themselves will look after their appearance and the grounded, down-to-earth types don’t feel inferior when bereft of Designer labels upon them
It seems to me that Designer Labels are a modern day conspiracy that we have bought into. The Designers must be laughing all the way to their fat bank accounts.
Be the kind of person who is happy in clothing that makes them look good irrespective of the Designer!

Mandy X

Photo by Jason Hargrove