Emotional Wellbeing

Mental Health

Mandy Kloppers



Denial is one of the most common defense mechanisms that we all engage in from time to time. When you tell yourself something isn’t true, doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter when it does…you are in denial. We can be so adept at this that we don’t even realise what it is that we are suppressing. By doing this we don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to appropriately deal with the issues and accompanying emotions.

Sometimes we only deny a single event but we can also deny entire chapters of our lives as well. The problem is that denial just doesn’t work. It can also lead to painful results. Whatever you deny will make a bigger and bigger impact upon your life until it is acknowledged and dealt with. When in denial, we are likely to keep repeating the same dysfunctional patterns and success is unlikely.

Denying something allows it unnecessary power over you. It will create internal tension and can end up causing physical illness when taken to extremes.

Begin to confront what isn’t working in your life and identify whether you are in denial about certain issues. Dealing with it head on will lead to peace of mind and a happier frame of mind.

Mandy X