Mandy Kloppers

Death of a beloved pet


Pets become part of the family and the loss of a dearly loved pet is incredibly sad. My partner, Nick, made the tough decision to have his lovely boy, Benny put to sleep on Saturday. We found out about one month ago that he was suffering from a condition called hemangiosarcoma,, a cancer that affects the blood vessel cells. It is very aggressive and the prognosis once diagnosed is not good.

Benny was operated on and he had his spleen removed and this gave him an extra four weeks. The decision to euthanise a pet is a hard one and not one to be taken lightly. Most owners know their pets very well though and know when they are beginning to suffer.

Nick saved Benny about six years ago when his current owner, who had used him as a guard dog and had not treated him well, was going to have him put down. Benny was very aggressive due to the mistreatment and abuse he had received and Nick spent time with him and eventually gained his trust. Thanks to Nick, Benny got to enjoy a much happier life.

I wanted to write this post to honour Benny and to help others who might be grieving the loss of a pet. A void is left and time is the only healer.

R.I.P will be missed

Mandy X