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Dealing with the Haters in life


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Dealing with the Haters in life

It’s not about you – don’t personalise

Haters have their own problems. Don’t make their problems your problems. When they are mean they are giving you a ‘taster’ of what their inner experience of life is – angry and miserable. They feel that way all the time – feel sorry for them!

Hate is a learned emotion

We don’t hate when we are born. If we can learn to hate, we can unlearn it. Hate is a negative emotion that is like a virus in a host – it will eat you up. Learn to let it go. There is no need to hate and most hate comes from ignorance. Expect a hater to be ignorant.

You can’t change them

Don’t waste energy trying to get them to see your views. Haters will hate – that is what they choose to do until hopefully the realisation hits them that it serves no happy solution-based purpose to hate so much. Steer them in the right direction to find ways to hate less but never take it upon yourself to ‘fix’ them.

Watch the energy around you. Don’t take on board their negative energy

Haters give off negative energy. They aren’t inspiring, they seem themselves as victims. We can all feel this way at times but if someone remains this way year after year be aware of the effects they may be having upon you longterm.

Limit time with them or cut them out altogether

Haters are draining to be around. Limit your time with them.

Natural emotions: anger, fear, love, grief, envy    not hate….



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