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Date Night: Top 10 Beauty Tips

Date nights are fun. You meet with the person you love (or like) and spend some quality time together: hit the restaurant, watch the movie, simply take a walk along the river – there’s nothing better than that to relax. However, for the date night to go well, you need to feel confident – and there’s nothing better to achieve that goal than to look your best.


We are going to help you with that. In this article, you’ll find a list of the best beauty tips for your important evening, including styling your hair, going easy on fragrance, using the right makeup, such as lipstick or blush, and choosing an outfit. Read on – and get ready to glow.


1. Relax


Before you go for the date night, try to relax – getting stressed can easily ruin the date. Take a bath with essential oils (lavender oil is amazing to relax and enjoy a long-lasting effect), meditate, or simply talk to your friend. Do something that helps you stay calm.


2. Get a Haircut


If you have been dreaming of cutting your hair for a long time, this may be the perfect time. A good haircut – even a slight trim – will make your hair look neat and well-groomed, and you – extremely attractive.


And, if you don’t have time to go to a salon, you can always try to cut your hair at home. However, remember to do your homework – learn more on the topic, watch tutorials, and get some proper tools – for example, check professional hair shears here.


3. Condition Your Hair


We all love to wear our hair down for a date night. And that means that you can skip the steps of conditioning your hair. It is very important to apply a good conditioner to your locks every time you wash them. To refresh your hairstyle and make it look more voluminous, add some volume spray or mousse.


4. Use Bright Lipstick and Blush


If you want to look more vibrant and attractive, go for brighter lipstick and blush. The color will make you look fresh and happy. To play it safe, choose a light pink or red lipstick – these shades look great on everyone and make your lips look very inviting (if that’s what you’re going for). Ans blush will instantly give your cheeks a subtle glow that is perfect for a date night.


5. Go Easy on Fragrance


Even if you want to smell good for your date (because who wouldn’t?), don’t overdo it with the fragrance. Instead, opt for a moisturizing body lotion with a light scent – this way, you will smell nice without being overwhelming.


6. Use Eye Cream


If you have puffy eyes after a long day, you should definitely use an eye cream before you go out on your date night. You can buy one or make your own using coconut oil and other essential oils (rose water and cucumber work well). This way, you’ll reduce under-eye puffiness and prevent dark circles from forming.


7. Get a Manicure


This may sound trivial, but it will make you feel more confident. Have you ever heard that a good manicure is one of the best ways to make yourself look pretty? Well, it’s true. Do your nails yourself or visit a salon – whatever feels comfortable at the moment.


8. Wear a Natural Makeup


We all love wearing dramatic makeup for nights out – but for a date night, it’s better to be natural. Skip the heavy foundation, bold eyeshadow, and dramatic lashes – instead, opt for a moisturizing BB cream or tinted moisturizer and mascara. But, as we’ve mentioned before, it can be a great idea to choose bright lipstick.


9. Pick Your Outfit Wisely


When it comes to choosing your outfit for a date night, remember that comfort is the name of the game here. Sure, you can wear that sexy dress – but you should know how much you are willing to sacrifice in terms of comfort. Look at your options before you pick your outfit – this way, you will be sure it’s a good choice.


10. Wear Comfortable Footwear


If you want your date night to be fun, make sure that you wear comfortable shoes. Whether you choose high heels or flats, or running shoes make sure they are very comfortable – because if not, the rest of the night will be ruined by sore feet (and possibly blisters).




Dinner dates, movie premieres, walks along the river – there are many fun dates you can go on and enjoy with your partner. However, if you want it to be perfect, make sure to look your best. And our tips will help you do exactly that.


Take care of your hair, nails, and makeup, wear comfortable clothes and find some good footwear. Go easy on fragrance and try to relax – after all, the date is all about having fun. We hope that you’ll have a fantastic time.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

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