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Dark Past in Gangland

Stephen Gillen

TV Personality, Entrepreneur & International Peace Prize Nominee Releases New Book About his Dark Past in Gangland

Soon to be a Major Film


Stephen Gillen’s life story is truly remarkable, transitioning from a dark past in gangland to becoming a successful CEO, TV personality, and International Peace Prize nominee. His journey, filled with darkness, violence, and trauma, eventually led him to serve as a category A prisoner for over 12 years. Now, in his eagerly awaited book, “Extraordinary…Stephen Gillen: The Search for a Life Worth Living,” he shares the details of his impactful and inspirational transformation.
Gillen’s upbringing amid the troubles in Belfast and later in the East End of London exposed him to a world of crime and violence. Groomed by older figures in the criminal underworld, he eventually became one of the UK’s most wanted gangsters. Despite his troubled past, Gillen managed to turn his life around, earning honours in business contributing to conflict resolution, and changing lives.
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Gillen emphasizes the importance of sharing his real story at this stage in his life, aiming to support others in changing their lives and making positive contributions to society. The book is set to be adapted into a major film, further amplifying the impact of his narrative.
Having recently completed a series on international organized crime with Ross Kemp and being one of the inspirations for the hit series ‘Gangs of London,’ Gillen is actively involved in true crime TV series that captivate audiences. The combination of his gripping life story and his expertise in the field positions him as a sought-after figure for interviews and discussions on various media platforms.

The book, part of a two-book deal published by Fox Media & Chronos Publishing, is expected to be a bestseller, with Gillen headlining major literary festivals throughout 2024. The publishers express excitement about the rarity of such a compelling and authentic story that has the potential to captivate readers.

Stephen Gillen is now available for interviews on a range of topics related to his life story and his involvement in true crime TV series. Media professionals interested in booking interviews can contact
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