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Cultured meat

The drive to create cultured meat

I dislike the idea of animals suffering and there is currently a lot of research looking into genetically engineered meat – known as cultured meat.

It seems a no-brainer to create meat this way – it would reduce animal suffering and improve the environment.

The Republican majority leader, Mitch McConnell, said he wants to end air travel and cow farts


Cows fart. That contributes to global warming. But cow burps are worse for the climate.

Field cited the “classic quote from the technical literature” on the topic: “Of the CH4 (methane) produced by enteric fermentation in the forestomach 95% was excreted by eructation (burp), and from CH4 produced in the hindgut 89% was found to be excreted through the breath.’”

In a nutshell, belches are bad news.

Humorous comments on farting creatures


“Does It Fart?” a book by Dani Rabaiotti of the Zoological Society of London and Virginia Tech conservationist Nick Caruso, answers the question it poses about dozens of species.

Millipedes fart, no doubt discreetly.

Several species of herring communicate with each other that way. If you startle a zebra, says the book, it will fart with each stride as it runs away. Flatulence signals a baboon is ready to mate.

For the Bolson pupfish, found in Mexico, it’s fart or die. They feed on algae that make them buoyant, easy prey near the surface. Farts sink them to safety. Similarly, manatees may let loose when it’s time to dive deeply.

Whale farts are, of course, epic.

Birds and most sea creatures don’t. Clams clam up, though they’ve been known to throw up.

The jury is out on spiders: More research is needed.

From London, Rabaiotti said methane emissions from cattle are belch-focused because the gas is produced near the start of their digestive system and comes up when they regurgitate their food to chew the cud.

One answer, she says: “Just cut down beef to, say, once a week or once a month and replace it with chicken or pork or options without meat. Emissions from dairy are lower per food serving than emissions from beef so cutting down dairy will reduce your carbon footprint less but it’s another area where people can easily lower their emissions, particularly for people that are already vegetarian.”

And for the record, says this authority on the animal kingdom’s ruder moments, “Yes, cows do fart.”

Interesting clip on cultured meat

I came across this video on how cultured meat is made, and thought some of you might find it interesting:

What if all our meat products came from a lab instead of a slaughterhouse? Lab-grown meats have become a reality, and will surely be hitting grocery store shelves in the future. But what are they really? Learn what cultured meat is, how it’s made, and more.

Biotechnology creating cultured meat

Advancements in biotechnology and gene editing tools like CRISPR are changing the agriculture industry for the better. While CRISPR is being used to produce better crops and sustainable beef, lab cultured meat is another promising alternative.

More information on memphis Meats:



Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

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